When Will The Tick Season 2 Come Out on Amazon Prime? 2018 Release?

The Tick is Amazon’s first major “superhero” TV show. This is Amazon’s attempt at competing with Netflix that seems to have a popular Marvel superhero TV show every other month. It will be interesting to see just how many people tune in to The Tick as this was not one of the more popular comic book characters over the years. That said, Amazon has a lot of push when it comes to marketing a show. So, after the August 25th, 2017 release date, when will we know about season 2?

Unfortunately, we will not know about Season 2 of The Tick for quite some time. Amazon will quickly grind all the analytical data to see just how many people watched and how many episodes they binged. If the show gets high ratings and a number of great reviews, it would be smart for Amazon to continue to push forward with a season 2 of the show.

What did you think about The Tick? When do you want season 2 to come out? Early 2018? When season 2 comes out, will you binge watch all the episodes?

7 thoughts on “When Will The Tick Season 2 Come Out on Amazon Prime? 2018 Release?

  1. Eric J Plahna

    I just watched the first two episodes… I smiled all the way through and occasionally laughed out loud. I didn’t intend to watch more than the first episode, but watched two. Then, I stopped watching it because I didn’t want to waste it because there are only 4 more episodes left. Hope there is a 2nd season.

    1. Tom

      When you get to the 3rd episode, you will not be able to help yourself, you will go all in, and it will be over. Yeah it is that funny, and absorbing

  2. Michele Cercone

    Great show. I only intended on watching 1 episode, but binge watched the whole season. My husband and I can’t wait for season 2.
    Thank you Amazon


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