The Woodlands vs Conroe Radio Broadcast and Social Media Score Updates

The Woodlands takes the 14 mile trip to Conroe High School on Friday night to defend their undefeated record. The Woodlands is currently ranked #3 in the entire state of Texas and is looking to wrap up the first seed for the playoff brackets. While most will make the trip to to Conroe there will be some that seek for other options to consume this game. Some will seek out The Woodlands vs Conroe radio broadcast through a live streaming online feed. Also remember, there will be plenty of score updates every time one of the teams scores.

The first thing you should do to listen to this game on your iPhone or Android is to download the TuneIn radio app. This app will allow you to search for local radio stations that will be airing the game. You can also listen to all the games live at this link. Note that downloading apps for the iPhone or Android is likely the most efficient way to listen to the games rather than having to open a browser and keeping it open for the entire game.

If you are looking for a live TV broadcast you will likely want to search on Periscope for students or parents that are live streaming the game. While Periscope live streams are not the most high quality, it is a way for you to watch the game from a different perspective.

Snapchat has recently updated to add filters for live high school football scores. With The Woodlands being one of the biggest high schools in all of Texas one would think they have the filters to update the score after every touchdown or field.

Who do you think is going to win this game? Will The Woodlands remain undefeated and in the top 3? Will Conroe get a huge home win?

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