Throwback Toys with Jordyn Jones Snapchat Show

One of the newest Snapchat Shows to come out in the summer of 2019 is Throwback Toys with Jordyn Jones. The show is described as “Jordyn Jones is going way back in time to unbox her favorite toys from growing up and give them a real talk adult review! Premieres July 12.”

Now that Jordyn Jones has her own Snapchat show, there are many questions that must be answered.

How Much Does Jordyn Jones Get Paid for the Snapchat Show?

Although Jordyn Jones is popular on Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, she isn’t exactly the highest paid celebrity. Most of these new Snapchat shows coming out are with stars that are just getting their start. For this reason, we assume Jordyn Jones isn’t making hundreds of thousands of dollars per episode. Snapchat is likely getting her for cheap. If you know how much Jordyn is making for her Snapchat show, comment below and let us know.

Will There Be a Season 2?

If season 1 of Throwback Toys with Jordyn Jones is a hit, you can be rest assured it will be renewed for a season 2. If Jordyn doesn’t secure and keep an audience, it will likely be cancelled but we will never hear about it again. It is going to take a big viewership number if Jordyn wants to get a second season of her first Snapchat show.

How Many People Watched Throwback Toys with Jordyn Jones?

Jordyn has a little bit of competition right now as Loren Gray has a new show and there are dozens of other originals that are popular on Snapchat and Netflix. She is never going to compete with Stranger Things or the popular shows on Netflix but she may be able to get a few million viewers. With over one or two million viewers she will likely deem the show a success and work on getting a season 2. Did you watch all the episodes of Throwback Toys with Jordyn Jones? Do you want a season 2?

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