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In January 2014, Ticket Monster launched a brand new website to help fans find the best tickets to sports and entertainment events. Concerts, festivals, rodeos, collegiate and professional sporting events all have ticket requirements to enter. Ticket Monster can assist you in getting tickets for the most popular events. Many of these events have seating charts and tickets for a specific seat or location. Finding the best possible seats for any major event can be difficult; the Ticket Monster website does an amazing job of showing you the venue, arena or stadium and what seats are available. They also offer tickets with no fees and no shipping costs.


Unlike other sports ticket websites, Ticket Monster has an opportunity to view the seating chart on the event page. I cannot tell you how many times I have used other websites that were clunky and did not show the exact location of the seats. I have purchased tickets to Broadway shows at performing arts centers and had to go back and forth between multiple websites just to confirm my sight lines for the musical. Needless to say, this was not enjoyable. Ticket Monster alleviates that concern as you can either scroll over the ticket or the map of the venue to view the price and the number of tickets available. This is absolutely wonderful.

Ticket Monster Reviews

Throughout this resource I will provide honest reviews of the Ticket Monster shopping experience. My goal is to crowd source this information from others that have going through the ticket buying process. I plan to use social media and email to get many of the reviews. Unlike websites that host their own reviews, you will get an honest assessment through this resource. If a review is not amazing or brutally honest I will be more than happy to publish it. That said, I am also going to give the Ticket Monster staff an opportunity to respond to any negative reviews in the comments below. Sometimes a negative review is an opportunity rather than a threat.

If you have purchased tickets for the Super Bowl, March Madness, the Kentucky Derby, the Daytona 500, a Major League Baseball game or an NFL Football game through Ticket Monster please feel free to submit your review through the comments below. You can also email your review to me here – jwojdylo@gmail.com. I will attempt to get all reviews published within 48 hours and I will let you know when your review goes live.

No Fees at Ticket Monster

One of the greatest things about the Ticket Monster website is the fact that the price you see is what you get. Websites like Vivid Seats and StubHub charge fees on top of the price of tickets. The StubHub fee is 10% while the Vivid Seats fee can sometimes be as high as 25%. This means if you see tickets to the Alabama vs LSU college football game at $200 you will pay as much as $250 on Vivid Seats. You will pay $200 for the listed price of $200 on Ticket Monster.

One of the problems that many ticket buyers have is finding the final price. Personally, I have had to go through a song and a dance just to see how much specific tickets would cost at a website. They forced me to sign up with an email address, verify the email address and then log in to the website. I was born at night, but it was not last night. I know exactly what is going on. They are going to solicit me in the near future with ticket offers. I get spam emails all the time from Vivid Seats because I signed up to check the price of a particular concert.

Getting spam emails is not something I enjoy. I do not mind an offer here and there but several offers a week is just too much. This is especially true when they are offering me tickets to a concert that is not even in my time zone. Fortunately, Ticket Monster will allow you to check prices and seats without writing a thesis to find out these prices. It makes it wonderful as a research tool and a way to just check prices when you are thinking about attending an event.

Buying Tickets in 2014 and Beyond

If you plan to purchase tickets any time in the year 2014 please let me know where you plan to purchase your tickets. Do you use eBay or Craigslist? Do you use Google search to look for a specific event? Do you hop on Ticketmaster and see what is available? I would love to get some information as to where you plan to purchase your tickets.

Also, what is most important when deciding on that ticket purchase? Does price matter most? Is it the location of the seats? Is it the ease of getting the tickets such as printing them out or picking them up as soon as they are purchased? One of the biggest issues I always had in years past was worrying about getting the tickets in my hand before the event started. I hated standing in will call. Now it is the case that you can print out tickets or simply get the barcode on your iPhone or Android phone. My how the times have changed.

Please feel free to leave comments below as it relates to Ticket Monster reviews and how you plan to purchase tickets in the near future. Hopefully, this will be a resource that is useful to those that will be attending sports and entertainment events in the near future.

18 thoughts on “Ticket Monster Reviews

  1. Leslie G.

    This is an excellent article, which highlighted many reasons why our family switched to Ticket Monster due to the ease of purchasing tickets to a basketball game last month. The price was precise, as we have had horrible experiences with other companies telling us one “final” price only to be shocked when the “final” cost posted on our credit card! Ticket Monster did not add a single cent to the first cost of the tickets we inquired about. They REALLY do not have any hidden service fees, and shipping is free if you don’t have the option to print the tickets yourself. We are going to go online to choose a concert in the spring, and wait until you view the incomparable colorful seating charts at every venue. You will even be able to view your exact seats. It’s easy, effortless, and the first time I used Ticket Monster, I was even able to chat live online as I needed advice as to which venue might be a better option; I was helped immediately and had a terrific time at the game. Going to tell all of our friends and family about Ticket Monster!
    Leslie G.

  2. Colin K

    Ticket monster has definitely changed the ticket buying experience with the ease of use of the website. Straight forward seating diagrams and information. It makes picking a seat or section much easier for the novice and the fanatic who cant miss a second of the action. The site feels like it was built for the user, and for anyone who needs tickets. Ive heard complaints about how complicated competitors sites are to navigate, and then the bait and switch on prices….that makes things highly confusing for the average user. Thanks to Ticket Monster for making those issues a thing of the past!

  3. Thurman

    New to the scene and a really awesome site – Love not having anything hidden and knowing exactly what I’m paying up front.

  4. Melissa Menta

    I’d say my biggest concern with online ticket purchases is if the tickets come from a reliable source — I get nervous that I’m going to get to the event and the tickets won’t be legitimate. Whether it’s through immediate download or through the mail, I make sure that I purchase tickets from sites I can trust. Next, of course, is the price of the ticket based on seat location. I usually go to the event’s official site to get the standard price of tickets to compare them to the ticket prices on other sites. I also love knowing exactly where my seat will be at the venue before I purchase the tickets so their are no unpleasant surprises on the day of the event.

  5. VP79

    Ticket Monster is the best site out there to purchase tickets. The price that is posted is the price that you pay when you check out. The ability to see the seating chart at each event is great. Great article.

  6. Genna O

    I think the best part about Ticket Monster is definitely their, “the price you see, is the price you get” motto. Nothing is more agitating than going to a ticket website, filling out your order, then having it increase by another $10 at checkout. Ticket Monster makes sure you know exactly what you are going to be paying from the start, and I love that about them.

  7. Terri

    I also had a great experience with ticketmonster!! I truly was worried, because I try to only go with reputable companies that already have good reviews. I could hardly find anything about ticketmonster. I still took a chance.

    1. I thought that my discount code didn’t go through. I called the number and a person answered! He was so helpful and polite.
    2. The price for the tickets were the cheapest around!
    3. No shipping or handling charges!
    4. Tickets arrived in two business days!

    I will definitely use ticketmonster.com again!

  8. Den

    Very bad experience. I bought 3 tickets but the website got stock on my third order and I didn’t get any confirmation email for my third order either. Had to reorder it, but the next day I received 4 tickets! I called their customer service (which doesn’t seem to serve any purpose), but they didn’t take any responsibility, and said they can’t do anything and they wouldn’t refund.

  9. Billy Luckie

    Bad experience. Bought 5 Atlanta Falcons/ Carolina tickets for Sunday Dec. 28th. Was notified on Monday the 22 that my order was being cancelled due to Technology Glitch. The ticket prices doubled due to Falcons winning on Sunday 23rd.
    They would not stand by the price they sold tickets to me.

  10. Rick

    Not good at all! Just bought tickets to a Steely Dan show through what I thought was the venue’s website (theblossommusiccenter.com) and later discovered that it was in fact owned by Ticket Monster and used to sell tickets at highly inflated prices over those sold through the real venue website – Live Nation (who owns Blossom). So lesson learned, this time I paid twice as much as I should have but… I will never buy from these guys again!

  11. Mike

    Yea it looks like the same is going on with other venues as Rick said. They pose as the real venue and they even fake the event info trying to sell you fake tickets. Seems as though the first few comments on here are possibly fake as well. STAY AWAY

    here is the site I was looking at thehollywoodpalladium.com/events/bassrush/
    Event isn’t even real, go to the tickets and it starts you out with 10 tickets and selling for about $117 a piece. I’m going to notify the venue

  12. Michael Thomas

    Am from England and am heading to New York for a holiday and decided on TicketMonster for New York Mets vs San Francisco Giants game so fingers crossed all goes well

  13. Amber

    I used ticket monster for concert tickrts. The price was much lower than stub hub and vivid, before they add on all of their fees. No extra fees from ticket monster. I selected the option for a free upgrade ifnit was available. Within minutes of my order confirmation email I received another telling me they needed to speak with me about my order and that I needed to call them. That was to tell me they had an upgrade and could move me up two rows :). I received my tickets in my email within minutes of speaking with them confirming the upgrade. Very happy with my experience.

  14. Fran Passariello

    This was my first experience with TicketMonster..December 2015 I purchased two tickets to see Adel on September 26th 2016. I paid $1,142.00. The tickets arrived today and on each ticket it says $149.50. Something is very wrong here!! When I called Ticket Monster I was told “Well Ticket Monster is a secondary site.” What kind of answer is that? So does that mean it’s ok to rip people off?? I’m not going to stop until I get a intelligent answer to why I was over charged $992.90. Be very careful of this site!

  15. jenay g

    Two weeks before the event no tickets arrived and that same section was going for $2500 a ticket instead of $500 a ticket that I bought. I called again and they said they don’t release until the week of the game but not to worry they have my ticket confirmation from the seller who wasn’t an individual but a big client of theirs. Week of the game no tickets, called again and they said that the stadium hasn’t released the tickets, but they have confirmation and they gave me a ship/arrival date which was the day before I leave town. Day before I leave town no tickets. Called again, and they transferred me to a supervisor who said I will have the tickets the next day which is the day I fly out, and he confirmed the seller has them. Later that day he called and said he can’t get those tickets, but will get me equal or better seats. He called back and said there are no more seats that are equal or better, and told me the seats I could have which weren’t all three tickets together! At this point I had an entire trip planned that couldn’t be canceled so I had to accept whatever I could take or have no tickets. On top of that did I mention that he couldn’t get three seats together. I told him that the tickets I purchased, came with special club perks which included a very nice buffet, and the other levels don’t include this so what else will they do besides offer lesser seats. Nothing, take it or leave it. Accept tickets not together in worse seats without perks and with no monies refunded or don’t go to the game that our entire non-refundable out of state trip was planned around. So we had three tickets not together, no club benefits, and no money refunded. I will never use them again.


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