Tohono O’odham Indian West Valley Casino in Glendale, Arizona

The city council of Glendale, Arizona has reaffirmed their support of the Tohono O’odham Indian casino that broke ground in late 2014. The $400 million project has been the cause of great debate because of the location to University of Phoenix Stadium which recently hosted the Super Bowl and is the home of many major events. In early 2015 there is still federal legislation that is aimed at putting a halt to this casino project.


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In July 2014 the governing body voted 4-3 in support of the casino. In January 2015 the vote has become an overwhelming 5-1. Councilman Gary Sherwood said Tohono O’odham officials will be visiting Congress in the early part of February 2015 in hopes of coming up with a resolution to get this casino project complete.

The site in which the West Valley Tohono O’odham Indian casino will be built is off 91st and Northern avenues in Glendale. When looking at the Google Map photo below the casino will be going just north of Raymond S. Kellis High School:


The University of Phoenix football stadium is a short three mile drive. This means there will be plenty of places to stay if you plan to gamble at the casino.

Will the West Valley Casino Have Card Games?

Something I find very interesting is that the Tohono O’odham West Valley casino is not slated to open with card games. This means if you want to play poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette or craps you are going to have to go to other casinos in the state of Arizona. You could always take the short flight up to Las Vegas and play any game you so desire.

With this being a $400 million project I am really surprised there are not card games. Personally, I will not go to a casino if it does not have card games or craps. While I would be more than willing to head out to Phoenix to take in an evert and enjoy some entertainment, I would not want to go to the casino unless some of the more popular card games are offered. This is something the Tohono O’odham Indian tribe is going to have to consider moving forward.

When Will the Tohono O’odham Glendale Casino Open?

At this point it looks as if this casino will not open until 2016. There are still plenty of hurdles to jump before the doors open to the public. If you have any information on this casino or other Indian casinos that will open in 2015 or 2016 please feel free to leave a comment below. Also, how do you feel about this casino? Are you glad they are building it? Do you think it is bad for the area and will bring in the wrong types of drugs, alcohol and adult entertainment? I would love to know your opinion.

For information on another Indian casino that will open within the year check out my resource on the Cherokee Murphy, NC Casino.

Upcoming Major Events at the University of Phoenix Stadium

  • College Football Playoff Championship (2016)
  • NCAA Final Four (2017)

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    I’m so happy there’s going to be a casino near by you don’t have to take a long ride no more can’t wait 🙂


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