Tommy Christmas of Christmas Automotive From Fat N Furious TV Show

The Discovery Channel has quickly realized that Motor Mondays catch the interest of men from 25-34. In 2014, Motor Mondays for Discovery beat out all other cable channels excluding sports. The season finale for Street Outlaws will air Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 9:00 pm with the midseason premiere of Fat N Furious airing right after at 10:00 pm. Monday night is a night in which men love to watch TV as it is the first day of the work week and most are accustomed to watching Monday Night Football or some type of sporting event anyway.

ESPN and college football quickly figured out the value of Monday night as they have schedule the CFB National Championship for Monday night over the next decade. ESPN also paid a steep price of $15.2 billion, $1.9 billion a season, for Monday Night Football. Let’s see how the TV ratings come in for Tommy Christmas and the TV show Fat N Furious on the Discovery Channel.

Where is Christmas Automotive?

Christmas Automotive is owned and operated by Tommy Christmas in Youngstown, Ohio. The physical address is:

6602 Market St., Youngstown, OH 44512
(330) 965-2277

I would imagine that phone number is going to get quite a few phone calls on Monday night and Tuesday mornings now that the show Fat N Furious is gaining in popularity on the Discovery Channel. Below is the Google Map street view of Christmas Auto:

Note that this street view is from July 2011 so I would imagine it has changed quite a bit since the Discovery Channel started to air the show. If you are wondering what is located close to Christmas Automotive Repair it is right down the street from the Akron Children’s Hospital. It is also near Doc’s Radio and TV, Yankee Candle and Mattress King. It is between the streets of Marlindale Avenue and Melbourne Avenue.

What Types of Cars Does Tommy Christmas Repair?

It looks as if the Fat N Furious TV Show focuses on muscle cars. Here is a quote directly from the Discovery Channel website: “even though he specializes in making cars mean and loud, at his core he’s a big teddy bear with an even bigger heart. He truly cares about every client and every build.”

I would imagine we will see him work on plenty of Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros, Challengers and other fast cars.

Tommy Christmas’ Children Jess and Nick

During the first half of the first season of Fat N Furious Tommy Christmas worked with his best friends Chuck Kountz, Steve McGranahan and Andy Pivarnik. During the second part of the first season he is going to teach his children Jess and Nick a few things about the business. At this point we know very little about Jess and Nick other than the fact that they will be part of the show.

If you know anything about daughter Jess and son Nick Christmas please feel free to comment below and let us know. We would love to get to know them a little better.

Fat N Furious Marathon on the Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel is known to air marathons before a popular TV show airs live. This will not be the case on Monday, March 2nd, 2015. The marathon will be for Street Outlaws which will be ending for the season after the final show at 9:00 pm. I would imagine we will see a marathon for Fat N Furious during a Saturday coming up in March or April. Fans of the show will want to catch up on what happened at the beginning of Season One. There is a Fast N Loud marathon on Saturday, March 7th, 2015 but I have yet to find out when the Fat N Furious marathon will air.

Rolling Thunder Season

Some people may be wondering why the newest season of Fat N Furious is no longer Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder. This is something the Discovery Channel does quite a bit. When the hit TV show Gold Rush started it was actually Gold Rush: Alaska before they dropped the Alaska on the title. Basically, the Discovery Channel starts out very focused to see if they can get an audience and then broadens the audience by taking off part of the title and the location of the TV show.

It would not be out of the question to see the cast of Fat N Furious going to some of the popular drag races and NASCAR races throughout the United States to expand the audience. I think the name Fat N Furious is here to stay for Motor Mondays. Hopefully they will not send Tommy Christmas and the crew up to meet the Alaskan Bush People though!

Fast 69 Charger, Furious 78 Malibu Show

The mid season premiere will feature a fast 69 Charger and a furious 78 Malibu. Here is what the Discovery Channel has to say about the show:

“Tommy and the Christmas Automotive crew are hired to re-create the classic Dodge Charger stunt car from The Fast and The Furious for a stunt woman. As if that weren’t enough, the boys are called upon by a seasoned drag racer to build a 1978 Chevy Malibu.”

Hopefully, I will be able to watch the show and update this resource with information about the mid season premiere. If you watch it and have any knowledge please feel free to leave comments below.

Tommy Christmas Arm Sleeve Tattoo

In all the photos I have seen, online, of Tommy Christmas he is wearing a black sleeve over his right arm. Does anyone know if he wears it because he his hiding a tattoo? Here is a photo from the show:


Photo Credit

He definitely has a tattoo on the inside of his left arm that he does not try to hide. Here is a photo from his website that shows the tattoo on the inside of his left arm:


Photo Credit

If you find any other photos of his tattoo please feel free to pass them along.

Christmas Automotive Facebook and Twitter Pages

Social media has become popular for many small businesses because it allows them to reach out to a broad audience for a very low cost. The Christmas Automotive Facebook Page is quite empty as it is obvious they do not maintain it. The last update was a post from about eight months ago and they do not have a header photo at all. This is a Facebook Page that is created by Facebook as it clearly states “This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.”

I could not find a Christmas Automotive Twitter page at all. I would imagine Tommy Christmas and his team have enough going where they do not have time to sit and update social media on a consistent basis. Honestly, this is a smart business move because those that want their muscle cars fixed are not going to Facebook or Twitter looking for a garage. They are instead searching on Google.

Heather Stunt Car Driver and Dodge Charger

The Fat N Furious episode on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2015 started with Tommy meeting with Heather who was a stunt car driver that had been in the Fast and the Furious movies. She wanted a 1970 Charger that was light enough to do some crazy stunts. I am not certain what movies this woman has been in but I am sure it is plenty as she was very attractive. Here is a photo


Her budget was $35,000 to start which was a major concern for Tommy Christmas because the MOPAR guys are looking for a lot more for a 1970 Dodge Charger. One of the offers was for $80k which was way out of the budget of the Christmas Automotive guys. Eventually, they found a 1969 Charger at a junkyard where they talked the owner down to $11,500.

Tommy’s daughter Jess was the only one small enough to fit in the car that could do the stunt driving. Jess is likely to be a very popular cast member this show. Here is a picture of her:


Sorry for the quality of the picture as I couldn’t get it any better with my TV. Jess has a unique look with curly blonde hair and red framed glasses. During the drag race at the end of the show she was wearing Ugg boots which I found to be quite interesting.

When all was said and done, Heather truly enjoyed her 1969 Charger and took it for a spin around an old warehouse. She was very please with the look and the performance.

Some other highlights of the show were Chuck telling about the time he almost died at an all you can eat crab legs restaurant. It was also funny to see the guys try to get in the 1957 BMW Isetta. They bought it for $5600 and turned around and sold it for $7600 which was a quick $2000 profit. We also got to see the car detailing by The Wizard Airbrush Graphics. It looks like “the wizard” does an amazing job.

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  2. Jason Burson

    I was just wondering if you are interested in a motor. I watched the episode of the Ford Fairlane and the guy wanted to put a 428 Super Cobra Jet engine in the vehicle and I recall you had problems finding one. Well I have a 428 Super Cobra Jet motor out of a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fast Back. If you are interested in the motor for another build let me know please. I hope you get this message and if you are interested i could send you ALL OF THE SPECS OF MOTOR. My name is Jason and my number is 702 ) 673-7722 or email me at. please contact me so i know that you got the message. Thanks for your time, Jason

  3. Scott McKie

    Hi Tommy,
    I’ve got an unusual request for you and the crew, and I hope you can help.
    I’m a (now) disabled Vietnam era Navy veteran that has a “thing” for my ’91 Ford Probe GT — everything except the exhaust sound. That’s because it’s a 4 banger — I hate the 4-banger exhaust sound; and love the sound of a V8 with a Flowmaster dual exhaust system. I’ve researched it and found that Flowmaster makes all of the parts needed, including a single piece two in/two out cat converter. Only a special header system, and also a 3″ O.D. exhaust pipe made out of two “D” pieces of pipe welded back-to-back into a single piece of pipe, configured to fit where the stock single pipe now fits will be needed for the exhaust.
    For power I’ve purchased an early ’60s 215 Buick V8 engine (140 hp / 190 ft. lbs. torque) that I want to totally rebuild to stock and then swap into the car. The Buick stock engine’s specs and the Probe GT’s special anto tranny specs are almost a direct match, so the engine isn’t going to be souped up at all. The car will be driven more as a cruiser rather than as a racer. Edlebrock Fuel Injection will also be fitted in lieu of a carb to help with emissions. The Probe really scoots, especially with the reworked Buick / IHI Turbo I have on i now, especially in the 40 — 90 mph range — which is where one really needs it anyway on the freeway. It’s been estimated that the hp is around 160 – 180 at the front wheels while under 12 lbs of constant boost, but those are “guess-timates”.
    I’m 70 years old and have had my hod rod days starting with a ’53 2 Dr. “Starliner” Studebaker with a 327 Chevy with tri-power carbs , Cad box, Ford 9″ posi with 3.90 gears and 3 1/2″ via dropped spindles in teh front along with 1 1/2 coils chopped out of the front (thatg’s the way we did it back then). The stude was “quick”. That was followed by a ’57 Plymouth Golden Fury w/2 – 4 barrels and a 4 speed; then a 2 dr. Buick 454 Stage I. It was a real gas hog, but would also really move. My final modified car was a ’69 Chevy SS El Camino with a reworked 454/4 speed set-up swapped in. But back to the present.
    What I can’t find, is anyone that still know how to fabricate a custom made tranny-to-engine adapter plate, along with making up all output shaft adapters neeeded to connect the engine to the tranny; as the splines and shaft ODs to and from the converter will be different. The engine will fit easily in the front of the car as it is almost the same dimensions as the Mazda 4 banger anxd is very close in weight — so the original weight/mass design won’t be messed up much. The stock radiator also has plently of capacity for the V8. There is also enoough room to literally fit an other radiator in front for a dual system. A friend of mine did that when he stuffed a Chevy 350 in the front of his little Toyota truck — it worked really well and was a real “sleeper”.
    Any contacts / info you might have that you could send my way would be greatly appreciated. Because your personal preference seems to be big block setups, I figured that you might not be interested in doing things “in-house”; but should you find yourself interested — that would be even better.
    I watch your show every week and find it to be hilerious. You also build some really great looking and running cars.
    Please let me know,
    Scott McKie —

  4. Tim Hamilton

    I know you work on mostly cars but would like to know if you would consider a Restoration on my sons Ford F350 To give you a quick
    story about this truck My son bought this truck 3 years ago cutting and selling firewood it was his dream truck. he had one payment left to have it paid off and on December 9 2012 my son was in a tragic accident in his 2000 ford ranger eleven days later he passed on he was only 17 years of age . The day of his accident his little sister Hannah and him were having the best day shooting guns and riding go-carts. He told his sister that the day she turned 16 he was going to give her this truck for her birthday. That evening he had his accident. that is why i would like to know if you would consider taking on this project because i know it would be done right and with extream consideration and care. This truck is very special to my Hannah and my family and would like to have it redone to take to the Ryle FFA car show that is held annualy at Ryle High School in Union Ky every June named The James Hamilton Memorial Car Truck Tractor and Motorcycle show.
    Thank you for your consideration
    James Matthew Hamilton June 26 1995 to December 19 2012
    Thank You
    Tim Hamilton

  5. T knott

    Hi this a long shot but here goes my name is Tara and I live in England United kingdom I had a pen pal back in the 80’s he lived in ontario canada which I lost touch with bt have often wondered hw he was I saw your programme an wondered if this person was you are you the same Mr Tom Christmas with long blonde hair who lived in Ontario Canada back in the 80’s if so it would be great to hear how your are from Tara Knott United Kingdom England

  6. Jessica

    Hello I am Jessica from the fat n furious. I came across your page and is be willing to answer any questions you may have about myself, the show, my brother or anything. You can email me at thank you for the support and keep watching

  7. Laura Moore

    Saw the show for the first time today. OMG! So entertaining. Keep up the good work guys, your humor is the best! Your cars are awesome! Hubby and I love it!

  8. Jim

    Hi guys. You have the best show on TV. My boys and I never miss an episode. I wish I lived close to you for I have a 1980 Pontiac Formula with a 301 4 bbl. I purchased it new and it has been kept like new but wishing it had some power. If I were able to get the car to you, what would you be able to do for me.
    Jim from Chicago

  9. Greg O'Brien

    The episode on your show when you built the 68 Chevelle for the mother and son whose father was killed in a motorcycle wreck one question how come you didn’t install Positraction on the beautiful beast by the way it came out beautiful anyway I know you had a budget but… Thanks guys keep up the good work

  10. Tim Collins

    Hi Guys
    I just saw your show with the 68 Chevrolet. Wow what a nice ride. Nice to see the whole town back up this car.
    Wish I had some cash to have you guys finish my car. I am in Akron. I have a different car. A 69 cougar cvt. needs new suspension, steering, the headlamps don’t flip. And the motor never ran right. Could use Jason Bursons motor?
    Keep up the good work on your show…

  11. Johnny Rod

    Tommy you and your crew are the craziest bunch of guys I’ve ever seen y’all keep it up I love you all show

  12. d hearn

    I need to get a hold of tommy or any of the cast from fat & furious I have 2 leads on mustangs for them.

  13. marcus johnson

    Hi my name is Marcus and I was wondering if you guys buy cars because I have a 1973 Chrysler imperial very clean it’s a four door I have no space for it and it’s just sitting.The car runs perfect I’m basically the second owner everything is original with only 2269 miles on the 440 Mopar engine ,no rust very clean had it appraised at 17,000$ I’m only asking 8500 or best offer

  14. Bob Mazzara

    thanks again, for taking the time out to talk to me my name is Bobby I spoke to you Monday morning June 6th about my 81 Corvette you made my day by getting on the phone if you ever want to help me out and use me for a show I would love for you guys to work on my car thank you for the knowledge and the laughs especially when I’m hurting from the lupus that I suffer from keep up with the good shows more gassers.

  15. Lindsay

    Tommy has the Steelers logo tattooed on his right arm…I think that’s why he’s gotta keep it covered while in tv. Copyright reasons.

  16. Lindsay

    Tommy has the Steelers logo tattooed on his right arm…I think that’s why he’s gotta keep it covered while on tv. Copyright reasons.

  17. Craig Mohr

    Just got done watching a hell cat race a old challenger. I call BS on the hell cat losing. They show the hell cat catching the Challenger and all of a sudden the end of the race the hell cat is back 3 car lengths. Why don’t you show it as it actually is?

  18. Eric

    Tommy Christmas has 2 tattoos, one on each arm. On the left arm is a cross draped in cloth. On the right (usually covered) is the logo of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  19. Gerald DeChants

    I love the show ,I am a car nut been one all my life .i just finished my corvette and I’m always thinking what else is there to do.
    Anyway ,I wanted to know if you have time for tours of your shop and meet you
    Thank you so much for you clean cut show with no beers

  20. Lance Kurmis

    Love the show. Are you guys interested in playing with an original 1964 Impala Super Sport convertible, blue body with white top and interior with numbers matching 283 with a Powerglide and factory power steering, power brakes and air conditioning? Keep and use the original powertrain but do with it what you want. Thanks and I hope I hear from you. Lance

  21. Jeffrey Jones

    Show has so many things that are so wrong, a real car guy will spot these out, for instance one episode they say there installing a Holley Dbl Pumper Carburetor, and it’s actually a VAC secondary. Then there driving in a Chevy truck, then all of the sudden it’s a Dodge, these are just 2 of MANY things that I and many other people notice, sorrow but show is so fake, the guys are real nice but the technical side needs alot of work. STREET OUTLAWS got to be the best program on the air today, everything they do or say is 100% real !

  22. Don Dawson

    Would like to see you hot-rod some cars built at the GM Lordstown Plant. Cavaliers, Cobalts with the EcoTech engine using that engine.
    Also Dodge Neons and Ford Focus. I feel Chuck the Tech Guru could do this. Super fast 4 cylinders.

  23. Andy Warner

    Don’t know if it was answered but Tommy has a Pittsburgh Steelers tattoo on his right forearm. The sleeve is most likely to avoid trademark infringement.


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