Top 10 Snapchat Face Filters in 2016

It has been confirmed that Snapchat was the most used application over the holiday period. In 2017, Snapchat will be the most used app over Facebook and Instagram. Why are so many people using Snapchat? One reason is the fun face filters. There are new filters every single day and they range from funny to sexy to amusing.

The top 10 Snapchat face filters for 2016 were (not in order):

  • Flower Crown
  • Friend Face Swap
  • Dog
  • Butterfly
  • Pink Flower Crown
  • Deer
  • Bee
  • Frown
  • Camera Roll Face Swap
  • Rosy-Cheek

We would like to thank TrustedReviews for gathering this data.

Any filter that changes your voice or makes you look beautiful is sure to be popular on Snapchat. Let’s face it, the large majority of users actually applying the face filters are females. We look for many cosmetics companies to make a strong push with these face filters in 2017. Look for Ulta, Sephora and ELF to partner with Snapchat to offer different types of makeup and lipstick.

What were your favorite face filters? What do you hope they bring in 2017?

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