Top Nine App for Instagram Allows Users to Collage Their Best Pictures

On December 23rd, 2016 the Top Nine app for Instagram was released and it has already started to go viral. Many popular Instagram users have created a collage of their top nine pictures for 2016. The app will calculate your top nine and display how many total likes the top nine pictures received.

The Top Nine for Instagram App is described as:

Find your top nine Instagram photos from 2016! Create and share your personal collage and custom video featuring your Top Nine.

It’s that time of year again! Time to show the top nine highlights of your year in attempt to claim your spot on the social hierarchy. Feed your ego-driven narcissism by showing the world how many “likes” you got as a metric of superiority!

Just enter your Instagram username to see which pictures got the most love this year!

This is it, folks. This is 2016.

We are not 100% certain if you can create a top nine for any Instagram user. It is likely the case that you have to verify your Instagram account but you may be able to see the top nine for anyone. The top nine for some users will be millions of likes compared to the top nine of others that only have hundreds of likes.

Have you seen the top nine for dozens or hundreds of Instagram accounts? Has this app become the app for late December 2016?

You can find this app on iPhone, iPad and any iOS device. It does not look like you can get it for Android at this point. When are these app companies going to figure out that they need apps for both Android and iPhone?

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