Traveling as a Golfer

In the past three years my golf travels have taken me to Wisconsin (Whistling Straits), Myrtle Beach, Texas and the Dominican Republic. Each time I get set to travel with golf clubs and golf attire I remember just how hard it is to pack clubs, golf apparel and all the necessities. Unfortunately, I have yet to invest in the proper travel needs to make the trips much easier.

My buddies tell me my golf travel bag looks like the Dracula coffin. It is a huge hard plastic container that houses my golf bag and many of my other golf needs such as balls, golf shoes and golf shorts. The good thing about the coffin is it can hold quite a bit and still stay under 65 pounds. What would make it much better is to get a lightweight golf bag rather than my heavy Callaway bag that I bought on sale at Golf Galaxy years ago. With as much golf as I play, I think it is time to upgrade.

The golf travel bag is one thing, the suitcases and other carry on bags are another. Instead of investing in that cool garment duffle bag from Stitch I continue to use a smaller piece of luggage I purchased from Brookstone years ago. The fact that Brookstone doesn’t even make the “Dash” luggage I bought years ago should tell me something. One of these days I am going to break down and actually get a piece of luggage that can house all my polo shirts, Lululemon shorts and pants and the other needs.

After doing some research, it looks like Amazon has become a huge player in the affordable luggage world. When searching for my old Brookstone Dash luggage an AmazonBasics bag for under $60 shows up. While I do not mind saving a bit of money on luggage, I am guessing that a $60 piece of luggage is not the best option for me.

Over the next few months, once my golf swing is polished, I am going to take the time to research new luggage and get golf bags and travel bags that make life easier. No more having to roll up all my shirts in an attempt to fit them in a small piece of luggage or, even worse, a backpack or small travel bag.


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