Trend or End with Rickey Thompson Snapchat Show

YouTube sensation Rickey Thompson now has his own Snapchat Show. On July 10th, 2019 Trend or End with Rickey Thompson. The show is described as “Camo pants are so 2018… but flamin’ hot cheetos are a major trend. Rickey Thompson is the judge, jury, and executioner of all things fashion and lifestyle in this Snapchat series. Premieres July 10.”

Most of the new Snapchat Creator shows are going to be eight to 10 episodes and the shows will likely be in sequence for eight straight days. With Rickey Thompson being showcased by Snapchat there will be a number of questions people ask.

How Much Does Rickey Thompson Get Paid for the Snapchat Show?

At this point, no one really knows how much Snapchat is paying YouTube, Instagram and viral social media stars to be in these shows. If we find out more information, we will be sure to pass it along. If you know Rickey or any of the Snapchat stars with new shows, how much are they making per episode? Are they paid for all eight episodes up front?

Where Did Rickey Thompson Go to High School?

Rickey Thompson is from Wake Forest, North Carolina and went to Wake Forest High School. Do not confuse this with Wake Forest University that is in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Will There Be a Season 2?

As with any original content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Snapchat, the second season is determined by the viewership of the first season and the demand for the second season. If very few people watch Trend or End with Rickey Thompson Snapchat is going to pass on a second season. If millions of users subscribe and watch, you can be rest assured there will be a second season.

How Many People Watched Trend or End with Rickey Thompson?

One thine we know about viewers is their interest in how many other people watched a show. Snapchat has reported that some Original shows have received over 10 million viewers. These numbers are crazy. If we find out how many people watch Trend or End with Rickey Thompson we will be sure to pass it along.

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