Truck and Big Rig Accident Lawyer SEO Keywords for 2016

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As we are quickly approaching 2016 many lawyers, law firms and law offices are looking to get a leg up on the competition. It is well known that personal injury lawyers are looking to get car accident and truck accident cases from their website. When someone gets into a major big rig, 18 wheeler pileup accident the first thing they are going to do is to take out their smartphone and Google legal options. If your law firm is #1 for [your city] truck accident lawyer you will likely get the phone call. If your law firm website is on page 2 or page 3 you will likely not get the call.

With this in mind, many law firms want to know what it takes to rank at the top of Google search. Something I always push is unique content which encourages reliable websites to naturally link to this type of content. If it has never been written before there is a good chance your website get the natural link from the news outlets and other powerful websites. With this in mind, it is important to understand what keywords news outlets, journalists and those injured in accidents are searching.

Before assuming that everyone is simply searching truck accident lawyer or big rig accident lawyer it is important to remember that almost one third of all Google searches are completely unique searches. This means searchers are typing in phrases Google has never seen before. Instead of trying to go after only the “money” keyword phrases it would be smart to go after some of the longer tail keyword phrases. Here are a handful of truck accident lawyer keyword phrases you will want to optimize for.

  • Big rig truck accident pileup – Can I sue?
  • Interstate 40 18 wheeler accident in California
  • Semi truck tractor trailer accident help
  • Lawyer to explain 18 wheeler accident laws
  • Best semi truck accident lawyer
  • Freight truck accident lawyer

These are just a handful of the many keywords it would be smart to go after. You may also want to consider having a copywriter or content writer building out resources for companies that have a freight line. These companies include UPS, FedEx, WalMart, Walgreens, Target, Best Buy, Sears and many more. There are a number of different grocery story and supermarket companies that also have 18 wheeler trucks that are transporting goods from point a to point b.

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You may also want to consider getting photos, videos and audio files to supplement the content on your website. The more content you have the better you are going to rank for both short tail and long tail legal keyword phrases.

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