How to Turn Off All Email Notifications from Google+

In the last several weeks many new Google+ users have contacted me to ask how to turn off all the emails. Unfortunately, when a user signs up for Google+ many of the email settings are turned on by default. This means if a user adds several active Google Plussers they could get anywhere from 200 to 500 emails in a single day. This is not the desire of the social layer of Google. Early on, I learned to turn the email notifications off. This allowed me to get much more out of the Google+ experience. Here is what you need to do:


Click on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner of Google+. You will see an “account” tab under your email address. You can also go hereĀ This will allow you to adjust the settings on all of your Google accounts. On the left there will be a tab for Google+. Click that tab and the screen will look similar to this:


Note that I only allow those in my extended circles to send me notifications. This drastically cuts down on the notifications I receive. I would suggest giving this a try if you receive too many notifications from strangers or users in which you have no desire to communicate. When you scroll down on that same page you will notice a screen that looks like this:



As you can see, I have most of the email boxes unchecked. If you feel as if you are getting way too much email from Google+ I highly recommended unchecking these boxes. Part of my success on Google+ is not being overloaded with information. I am very selective with the Google+ accounts and pages I follow. By using strong circle management skills I get quality content quickly and I do not have to worry about sorting through all the noise.

If you are struggling to better understand Google+ please reach out to me at I can direct you to some resources that will be of assistance. I would also suggest joining the Google Plus Pro Tips community as you can get your questions answered very quickly by a number of experienced Google+ users.

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