How to Turn Off Snapchat Ads – A Snapchat Ad Blocker Coming?

Snapchat ads are becoming more and more apparent throughout the app. When Snapchat was just getting started, we saw about two or three ads per day. Now we are seeing dozens and dozens. It was recently announced that Snapchat is going to insert ads between our friends stories. This is something we thought would happen years ago and is finally coming to fruition. One thing is certain, there will be plenty of backlash when this goes live.

What Snapchat will do is insert an ad in between your friends autoplay stories. This is opening the door to also place ads at the beginning of private Snaps as well. That will likely come later, but look for it sometime in late 2016 or early 2017.

As for the new ads between stories, many will be asking if there is a way to stop those ads. With Snapchat being very strict with third party apps, it is highly unlikely that users will be able to download an ad blocker to remove the ads. This is one of the reasons the Snapchat valuation continues to skyrocket. Users have to sit through ads because there are no options to avoid them.

One would imagine that the ads will be click to bypass but it will still be frustrating to see all of these ads on autoplay stories. Do not expect to see an ad after each story. One would guess there will be an ad for every five or six stories. That being said, most Snapchat users have about 30 or 40 people in which they watch their stories diligently. This means, multiple times a day, a Snapchat user will be served five ads. This is Snapchat printing cash.

As this release gets closer, we will work to find out if there are any options to turn off ads that happen between Snapchat stories.

26 thoughts on “How to Turn Off Snapchat Ads – A Snapchat Ad Blocker Coming?

  1. Emily Jones

    I’m getting these ads now, and some are VERY inappropriate (pornographic in nature). I need a way to make them stop or else I need to delete Snapchat. Or is there a way I can report this to Snapchat? Please help!

    1. A Bourdess

      I am the same way! This is something my children use to keep up with family and friends far away! I will make them delete it if these pornographic adds stay! I want to know the same thing about contacting snapchat. Maybe if they get enough complaints or boycotts, they will stop this mess!

      1. Trina S Banner

        Same thing! I just can’t believe they not only allow them, they make the pornographic ads impossible to avoid. I loved Snapchat, but this is beyond bad. You can send them a message and I did that. They need to be boycotted for sure.

        1. Caroline

          I have been worried about the horrible inappropriate ads as well. The app is approved for children over 13 but these ads are not appropriate for any age and especially children. There should be an option for age appropriate ads.

          1. Luba

            Yes I agree !!! I hate all those ads – polluting kids minds ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜” They need to make a way for us to turn off certain ads!

  2. Lavinia

    I’m getting the same problem and worry about using snapchat in front of my mam as I am 13 and she might think that I’m sending nudes ( Whickham I’m not) but the ads are coming up even when I am not using the app

  3. Sue

    This is nuts. I have to delete the app for my 13 year old until they fix these inappropriate images. Come on people. Can’t anything be just family friendly!!!!???!!!

  4. Thia Schulze

    I would gladly purchase snapchat in order to eliminate all the non-family friendly content for my 13 yr old and me! I never want to see another Kardashian underwear picture!! Sadly, like many others I will deleat & boycott soon if I have no other option to avoid seeing this offensive dribble.

    1. AE

      I hope you have a bit of cash laying around, Facebook bought Snapchat for 5 billion dollar and i’m guessing they will only sell it for a significantly higher price, if at all.

  5. Steph

    I agree 100%. Inappropriate ads!!! It’s one thing to have to see ads, it’s another to expose ourselves and our teens to them. Please stop these or we will all stop using snap chat.

  6. Sarah Paternoster

    I have deleted the app as well. The inappropriateness of the ads is blatant. I would gladly pay money to remove the ads. I will not be using this app unless something changes.

  7. Marza

    I’m a millennial out of college and I find these ads distasteful. It is frustrating to not be able to control the quality of the ads. Facebook has the option to block ads – we know it’s possible. If they need to push ads in our face to make money, I can live with that. Having “Gigi looks sexy without a stitch” forced is a different matter.

  8. Christopher

    Maybe Facebook stories on messenger are better than this.
    Snapchat is making everything to treat You with such useless, primitive and egocentric “news”. And poor kids using this app. Snapchat as many companies is selfish and only money-making thing.

  9. Marie Oosthuizen

    I agree! My son use snapchat and will have to delete it if those adds keep popping up! Please do something Snapchat its uncalled for! Sad to restrict children to use something which they haven’t done anything wrong! Very sad indeed!

  10. Ryan

    You can ACTUALLY block ALL of Snapchat’s ads by blocking the ad servers. This can only be done with rooted Android!

    Yes, sadly you need ROOT access to modify a file called “hosts” inside the system.

    One of Snapchat’s ad servers is “”, if we were to add that domain in the host file, that domain will be blocked.

    Go to /system/etc directory using a ROOT BROWSER and scroll down until you see “hosts” file. Open the file with a text editor.

    You should only see a line of text that says:
    “ localhost”

    To block a domain, (, add the ip (ip will always be, and then put the domain with a space in between the ip and the domain.

    It should THEN look like this: localhost

    Once you’veโ€‹ done that, clear the cache on Snapchat, and reboot your phone!

    There ya go. The ads can’t reach you because you refused to let the IP advertising domain connect.

    Enjoy adfree Snapchat!

    If you still see ads, that probably means Snapchat has more ad domains that you need to block.

    And of course this is perfectly legal to block ads as your right of an Internet citizen ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck!

  11. Janette Turner

    This sucks!! More often than not I try to view a snap of my grandkids only to have it wiped off by advertising!!! Not nice given these prescious snaps are usually very special as we live quite a distance from them all and love seeing the bubs in action!! Not happy snapchat people!!

  12. Sara

    No one wants to see boobs or butts Snapchat, especially my kids who WERE on Snapchat! #BoycottSnapchat

  13. Kiz

    How disgracefull to see these disgusting stuff… needs to be sorted maybe by removing the adds and staying child friendly… sc is good for everything especially the filters then it goes on ruining it with these sh*** adds it a no no for kids under age of 15

  14. John Lindgren

    I deleted the app as well!!

    That is the only way to make your voice heard!!

    I got into fight with my girlfriend over the stupid inappropriate content nakedness and such!! Delete the snap!!!!

  15. Sofia

    iโ€™m 11 and all my friends at school have snapchat iโ€™ve been on websites for hours trying to find out how to get the ads out of the way because my mom said until the ads can be removed no snapchat:(((


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