Will Twitter Ads Bring Business to Lawyers, Orthodontists or Mortgage Brokers?

The answer is no. As a business professional, there are much better places to spend your money than Twitter ads. Every time you log in to Twitter you will be notified that your account has the ability to pay for promoted Tweets. Do not think that this will bring you new clients, cases or patients. All it will do is get drowned out by all the other fluff and spam that is already on Twitter. As an owner of an SEO and Internet Marketing company I can say that I have never received a single lead from Twitter.

At one point I had over 12k Twitter followers and was getting retweeted hundreds of times. The links within those retweets would get about one or two website visitors and they would stay on my website all over five seconds. Social media, especially Twitter, is not the place to advertise if you are a lawyer, orthodontist or mortgage broker. You would be wise to spend money building out your website. The more great content you have on your website the higher you are going to rank in Google search.

When people Google something they are actively searching for services. When they are on Twitter, or other social media platforms, they are quickly glancing over a news feed. In fact, by the end of 2016 I fully expect most social media websites to be bought out or floundering. You can read my thoughts here – the social media collapse of 2016.

Before spending any money on promoted tweets on Twitter ask yours, “How many of your clients are active on Twitter?” As a lawyer, the answer is zero. As a mortgage broker, the answer is less than 10%. As an orthodontist, your patients may be on Twitter but they are not the ones making the final decision when it comes to the cost of braces or Invisalign.

Rather than spending a single penny on Twitter advertising I would strongly suggest putting it into SEO or content for your website. SEO and content go hand in hand therefore any SEO firm or agency should help with the content as well. If you need assistance with your website reach out to me at jwojdylo@gmail.com. I have a number of monthly SEO and content packages that can help you get more business from your website and Internet presence.

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