UCLA vs Arizona Snapchat Story on September 26th, 2015

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The UCLA Bruins went to Tucson to take on the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday, September 26th, 2015. Snapchat is now doing stories of individual games rather than having a generic Snapchat college football story. For those that do not know, there is already a theory on the curse of the home team if there is a Snapchat story. That played out again this Saturday as both Arizona and Texas Tech lost home games while hosting a national Snapchat Story. I am going to keep up with the stats on this moving forward. Here are some of the screenshots I took of this story:

arizona-vs-ucla-snapchat-story tucson-sunrise-snapchat-story lee-corso-tucson-snapchat-story arizona-football-snapchat-story arizona-gameday-snapchat-story arizona-cheerleaders-snapchat-story

If you are the home team of a college football game this all it looks like you do not want to be featured on Snapchat. This story did feature Lee Corso, Desmond Howard, Kirk Herbstreit and the college gameday crew so that was cool. The Arizona Wildcat fans did not enjoy the game though.

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