Ultra Music Festival Snapchat Story on March 27th, 2015

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One of the largest EDM (electronic dance music) festivals in the world will take place this week in Miami. Ultra is a event that brings people from near and far. I first gained knowledge of Ultra a few years ago and I was shocked at the popularity of this concert. Even the biggest names in rock, country and rap music cannot compete with the popularity of this event. If you are near Miami in late March you may want to check out Ultra but the tickets will not come cheap. Here are some screenshots of the Ultra Music Festival Snapchat Story:

guys-having-fun-ultra-snapchat rain-at-ultra-snapchat guy-on-tree-ultra-snapchat ulta-contert-snapchat-stories ultra-at-night-snapchat ulta-snapchat-tickets ultra-snapchat-story-2015 ultra-dancing ultra-bands-snapchat girls-dancing-ultra-snapchat cute-dog-ultra-snapchat-story rainbow-at-ultra rob-gronkowski-at-ultra-snapchat ultra-concert girls-at-ultra-music-festival edm-snapchat-story ultra-snapchat-story

There are some very interesting Snapchat pictures and videos including Rob Gronkowski and plenty of girls dancing. I know this is one of the craziest concert events of the year and it will be fun to watch it through Snapchat over the next 24 hours. Is anyone at Ultra? Did you get your Snapchat picture or video posted on the Snapchat story?

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