Can UNC College Girls Get Paid to Go on Dates? Sugar Daddy in Chapel Hill?

It is amazing how many times UNC Chapel Hill college girls go out and have to pay for their own meals. This is absolutely crazy as everywhere else in the world, girls can get whatever they want when they go out. Chapel Hill is a strange place in that there are way too many girls and not enough guys. For this reason, it is often difficult for girls to get guys to pay for anything. So, is it possible for girls to get paid to go on dates or to find a Chapel Hill sugar daddy? Absolutely! Email me at if you’d like to get paid to go on dates or to find a wealthy Chapel Hill sugar daddy.

It is important to remember that a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship is a little bit different than simply dating a college guy. These rich guys will want to go shopping at Nordstrom at Southpoint and buy you the nicest lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. They will also want to take you on trips to the beach. Places like Charleston, Savannah and Wilmington will be common weekend trips.

Do not be surprised to see some of these wealthy men suggesting Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and  New York City to go shopping and have fun.

Sadly, most UNC Chapel Hill girls do not have access to these wealthy men. Remember, these men are not going to frat or sorority parties. In fact, you likely aren’t going to find them on Franklin Street any time after 8:00 pm. These men are powerful, wealthy and have things to do. This means you are not going to bump into them at any of the Franklin Street bars or restaurants. Instead of hostessing or waitressing at Top of the Hill or Sup Dogs it might be a good idea to consider your sugar daddy options.

Reach out to me at to discuss how you can become a sugar baby while being a UNC Chapel Hill student today.

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Hi Sir.

I’m an exchange student looking for nice sugar daddy in Chapel Hill. Can you help me?