Can You Undo or Delete the December 2017 Snapchat Update?

UPDATE: If you want the old Snapchat back go leave your comment at this website. Australian Snapchat users are seeing the “new” Snapchat on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018. They started reporting the new layout around 9:30 am. Throughout the first day of this update, users have not been happy with the look and feel with stories no longer having their own screen. Comment below with your location and when you first saw the “new” Snapchat on your iPhone, Android or smartphone.

The latest Snapchat update in December 2017 has infuriated users. Whether it is the stories disaster or the disappearing private saved chats, users are demanding to go back to the old Snapchat. Many want to undo or delete the new Snapchat. In fact, there are dozens of tweets, every single hour, of users asking Snapchat Support to undo the Snapchat update. So, is this possible?

We have learned that beta testers do have the ability to delete the latest update. Note that this is on Android phones. We are not certain if iPhone users have the ability to undo or delete a Snapchat update. If you are very tech savvy and know of a way to go back to a previous version of Snapchat, please comment below with how to do it.

What do you think of the new Snapchat? Do you want to undo or delete the latest update?

52 thoughts on “Can You Undo or Delete the December 2017 Snapchat Update?

  1. Ana

    The update is trash. I used to follow several people just for their stories but now they have disappeared. Stop forcing me to subscribe to random users on the discover page.

  2. TR

    Literally do not care about anyone on snap chat except my real friends so why should the explore page even be there. It was the worst addition to snap chat and every one of my friends agrees!
    Feels like an update just to make snap chat more money through sponsored advertised accounts. Understand they need to make money but this definitely doesn’t please the majority.
    Me and many friends + co workers have deleted the app and probably wont use it going forward unless they make another update to fix it.

  3. Ivana

    Completely hate the new snapchat update
    The old update was perfectly fine
    It was organized and not confusing
    This new update doesn’t really allow people to enjoy Snapchat as much and when it comes to the stories everything is mixed up
    They show people’s stories that I’m not even subscribed too
    I mean if I wanted to see they’re stories I would add them
    Please bring back the old snapchat and just leave it as it is
    Snapchats layout does not need to be changed
    No one will enjoy snapchat if u don’t take this update down soon

  4. hannah

    BRING BACK OLD SNAPCHAT UPDATE, i hate this new one i dont even want snap anymore my streaks are all getting deleted

  5. Emily

    Please I’m begging can someone just please delete this new version I hate it so much, I have tried uninstalling and re installing and it doesn’t work, how can I go back ?.

  6. Kelsey

    It’s only temporary, but if you download and activate x-vpn and then go and take a photo and send it to anyone. Then turn the VPN off and close all tabs it goes back to the old format

  7. Tyleisha barton

    I’ve lost all my streaks because of this stupid update. I’m so mad and annoyed that you have done this snapchat! You’ve gone from my favourite app to the worst and hardest to use. Bring back the old Snapchat before you screw up big time.

  8. Raihana Rezaie

    Hate the new update on snapchat im not even interested to view the stories or even use snapchat at all. Make it go back tk normal

  9. Jordan chalmers

    Download a free app called X-VPN and press connect. One connected go to Snapchat and send a random photo to anyone then double click the home button and swipe it away. When you go back into Snapchat it should have reverted back to the previous version. Note: this is for iPhone users only and it doesn’t work on anything past the iPhone 7plus..

  10. courtney

    does anybody reckon that snapchat will change it back they have gotten this much bad response cause i hate the update so much and want the old one back

  11. Kylie

    I just got the new update…it is total bullshit! They have totally homogenised the product. I loved it for being a real space to connect and have fun with my actual real life friends…I don’t care about following fake pretenders or people I don’t personally know…otherwise I would do Instagram….now you are exactly the same!!! 🤬 I want to scream because something I really enjoyed using in today’s saturated market of social media has now been totally destroyed. Who thought this was a great idea? At least let us users have the option to choose if we want to keep using it or not. Here’s to hoping they see sense and reverse it before I reverse my decision to use Snapchat.

  12. L


  13. Ethan Strickland

    this update is utter trash, like i get that they’re trying and i respect that but the fact of the mater is that the old snapchat was way better, and they tried a little too hard on this one, the update before this was was great in my opinion so i don’t get why this one was necessary, if its not broken dont fix it

  14. Annemarie

    Hey everyone so what I did was give a 1 star review on the App Store and I’m not the only one Bc the rates are dropping I can’t figure out how to delete it off iPhone but it made me feel better plus I’m complaining on every site I see. eventually If the reviews go low enough they’ll have to do something Bc they will look bad. Please participate

  15. Johnon

    Why? I dont even need to swipe right anymore, and i gotta scroll through an endless list to find a previous story? How is this practical..whoever introduced this UI, needs to sit and have a chat with his conciousness..also one more thing can you not put the fucking purple notification on my “story page” (should honestly be called discovery page) it’s distracting snd im never gonna swipe right anyways..probably you should reconsider this update since the majority hate it including everyone i know

  16. A

    Honestly the new up date sucks so bad y did u do this update everone hates it my phone up dated by its self and I got so mad I have no clue what I’m doing on this new update it’s driving me crazy to the point were I wanna stop using it and delete it I have no patience for it so plz fix it

  17. Christina

    New snapchat update is so confusing and just a whole lot of hot mess .. I myself and a whole bunch of my friends have deleted it and is now just using ig … this is ridiculous!!


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