Can I Undo Looking at a Private Snap?

We have all been there. We didn’t mean to open a private Snapchat picture, video or text yet we did. As soon as we click it, the other user knows we have looked at it; even if we didn’t want to. It may have been a dirty video or just a text you did not want to read. Unfortunately, there is no way to undo this action. You will forever know that that person believes you viewed that picture, video or text.

Some people have wondered if they can delete their account quickly to offset or undo something they recently did on Snapchat. It does not look as if this works. Some have tried it after they send a private Snapchat picture, video or text to the wrong person. This is very easy to do, especially when you send pictures to a number of different people.

This is one of the main reasons you have to be very careful when sending or viewing anything on Snapchat. Even though it disappears after 10 seconds, it will be something that will be forever etched in the other person’s mind. If your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend thinks you looked at that text or watched that video, they will think they have the hand up. They will think they have won, when in reality, they have not.

The only way to completely eliminate Snapchat drama is to delete the app. If you want to avoid all that comes with high school and college dating drama, you are going to have to give up on Snapchat. We know that you will miss out on some of the videos and stories your friends share but you will also miss out on all the fights and arguments that start because someone believes you viewed their private Snapchat yet did not respond.

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