University of Utah Uses Snapchat During College Gameday

On Saturday, October 10th, 2015 ESPN’s College Gameday was live from the University of Utah campus. This was a very unique College Gameday as the hit TV pregame show starts at 10:00 am est; this is 8:00 am in Salt Lake City. Utah students had to get up very early to be part of the action. For quite some time I have been following the univofutah Snapchat account and they were actually my Snapchat user of the day last week. They do a fantastic job with Snapchat. Today was no exception. Here is the video of the College Gameday Snapchat Story by the University of Utah official Snapchat account:

The marketing team at the University of Utah simply knows how to run a great Snapchat account. In fact, I have yet to find another official university or college Snapchat account that even comes close to the University of Utah account. While the University of Virginia does a good job it isn’t even in the same league as the University of Utah. Go follow them now and you will see what I mean.

As the game against Cal approaches it will be interesting to see how the University of Utah Snapchat account uploads videos and pictures. I will be watching.

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