Using Pinterest, Reddit and Google+ to Share HDR Photography

Something I have grown to love is photography, particularly HDR photography. I would be lying if I didn’t say that social media had a huge influence on me starting the hobby. I have quite a large Google+ presence with over 475,000 followers and I saw the engagement and +1 numbers resulting from an HDR photo share. I started out sharing photos from friends and HDR photos I would find on Reddit and Google images. I finally broke down and decided that I wanted to take my own photos. I acquired a Nikon D5200 with two different lenses and Nik Software from Google. Within a few days I was in love. After taking about 500 photos I have finally started to create a strategy to share these photos on social media. My current favorite photo sharing platforms are Pinterest, Reddit and Google+.

How I Share HDR Photos on Social Media

As stated earlier, I have a very large presence on Google+ so it stands to reason that most of my engagement comes from the social layer of Google. I happen to realize that not everyone is on Google+ so I am not going to limit my HDR photo sharing to that particular network. I like the look and feel of Pinterest and Reddit is full of brilliant minds that are not willing to critique in any way humanly possible. Here is how I share.


I first share my photo publicly through my Google+ personal profile. This tends to garner anywhere between 35 and 700 +1s depending on the virality. At the exact same time I will share that photo to r/HDR on Reddit. If I am lucky I will get 10 to 15 upvotes on Reddit. In the next 24 hours I will then share the same photo to my personal Google+ HDR community. This is a community in which I am the only one that can share photos. After posting to my personal community I will then pin that photo (from the community post) to Pinterest. Once every so often I will also select the “post to Twitter” option on my Pinterest pin.

Admittedly, I am not looking for any engagement from Pinterest as I am just getting started on the social network. I will be very interested to see how my engagement grows as I start pinning more HDR photos and building a following from my Twitter and Google+ profiles. I cannot imagine there are many people on Reddit that are super active on Pinterest. When all is said and done the HDR photo has been seen by quite a few eyeballs and hopefully it will put a smile on a few faces.

Suggestions and Comments

I am still learning how to share my photos on social media. I know several people have told me to join Flickr and share photos on that network but I have yet to work it into my strategy. I have zero desire to make any money off photography as it is simply a hobby right now. I love the opportunity to use my creativity with a lens. I am not the best with the editing software but I can get around. I would love to hear some suggestions and comments as it relates to sharing photos on social media. For those that may not understand what HDR photos are I will be more than happy to create a resource in the near future. Stick around!

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