Veterans Day 2016 Car Sales Promoted Online Via Social Media

Every single year, more local car and truck dealerships put advertising dollars into online marketing. What was once dominated by the Yellow Pages and local newspapers is now converting to online spending. This is no surprise as most potential car buyers are looking on their smartphones for information about car sales and deals at local dealerships. Who picks up the phone and calls all the local dealerships to discuss the discounts and rebates?

As has been discussed by many financial experts, car buyers now know exactly what they want and how much it is going to cost before they even step foot on a car dealership. Google has leveled the playing field. Decades ago, car salesmen and women could “fool” you by claiming certain upgrades would make the vehicle cost a significant amount more.

Now we can just Google “how much extra should the Lariat package on a Ford F-150 cost?” Google will give us the top search results and we will know that it shouldn’t cost an extra $4200 for a Lariat edition even if we want a unique color. We also have the ability to search for car and truck dealerships across town to see what models and prices are available.

With this being the case, local car dealerships have taken to social media, blogs, newspapers and online resource to promote their cars and trucks. If you have been in the market for a new vehicle you have likely seen promoted Tweets, Facebook ads and Instagram Sponsored photos related to the vehicles you have been looking for. If you have searched for Veterans Day 2016 car sales or deals you are sure to see plenty of options available while you surf the web over the next several weeks.

This can be good and bad. It is good because it allows you to see all the options you have. Even if you have to drive an extra 100 or 200 miles it might be worth it to save the extra $2000 on a brand new Honda Accord. You may also be introduced to some other options such as leasing or buying used. Without the promotions on social media and other outlets you might not have thought about leasing a brand new Mercedes or BMW.

Whether you are buying a Ford or Chevy pickup truck or a Nissan or Toyota sedan there will be many options available on Veterans Day weekend. You will even find deals for, you guessed it, Veterans. Before buying a new or used vehicle in October 2016 we strongly suggest doing some research online and allowing the car dealerships to find you.

A pro tip when it comes to buying a new or used car is to email all the dealerships in your state. Even if the dealership is 300 miles away, it is still smart to email them and see what price they are willing to offer for a vehicle. This will give you a foundation to start your negotiations. When you go to the local dealership on Veterans Day weekend you will be able to say, the dealership in Atlanta is willing to give me this exact same car for $22,000 and you want $24,500. Are you willing to budge?

We can assure you that your local dealership will be willing to lower the price, even if it is not to the $22,000 price point. You will also find they offer other upgrades or amenities they may not have offered if you didn’t do your research.

The best thing about emailing dealerships is you can quickly block email address and not have to worry about hearing them ever again. If you give them your phone number, they are going to call you over and over and over again. Trust me, I have been through it and it is painful. Use that email and the block option once you find the price you are looking for.

If you are seeking a specific vehicle in October 2016 or during Veterans Day weekend please comment below with the vehicle make and model and the city or town in which you reside. We will do our best to help you find the best deal and get the dealership to lower their price to a point in which you are willing to buy.

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