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Each and every week we hear about changes to the Google algorithm. In some instances websites see major adjustments in search rankings and in other instances there are just a few small changes. The Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates have continued to push for natural links pointing back to a website or domain. Unfortunately, some veterinarian websites have over optimized for a specific keyword phrase such as “Miami, Florida Vet” and they are penalized by Google and other search engines.

One way to not worry about over optimizing for a keyword is to receive natural links. This can be quite difficult for those in the medical industry, especially if they do not have any social media profiles or a presence on some of the social networks. There is no need for a veterinarian to spend several hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest but it never hurts to have some presence on a social network of choice. By sharing engaging content to a social network there is a strong likelihood that followers or friends will naturally link to that content. This is the new “natural SEO” Google keeps talking about.


Is Social Media the 2014 SEO?

There is little argument to be made that SEO has gotten a bad reputation. Websites that have been hit with a Google algorithm adjustment or penalty were often with an SEO agency or SEO firm. Before hiring any firm to work on your veterinarian website it is strongly suggested that you do research on that particular company. Check and see if they rank for the keywords that suit their business needs. One of the best ways to find a great company or individual to work with is through organic search. If that particular company or individual is using the correct content creation strategies to rank for their keywords there is a good chance they can assist you as well.

Something else that is important when researching an Internet marketing firm is to get an inventory of their social media accounts. If an SEO firm claims to be one of the best in the industry they should have more than 25 +1s on Google+. They should probably have a decent sized Twitter profile. They should also have some type of presence on Pinterest. I am not saying they should have a huge following on all social networks but they should have some type of expansion into the social layers of the Internet.

From a personal perspective, I believe a strong Google+ presence is 100% necessary to be a good Internet marketer. If my goal is to rank in Google search why would I not use all the Google products that are available for free. Google+ allows users access to YouTube, Google Maps, Google+ Local, Android and many other Google layers that can help expand a presence online. Rather than using products that Google is not associated with, I would rather use services they offer.

Is Google+ Helpful for Search Rankings?

Yes and no. Please do not think you can go on Google+, share a few posts and immediately see increased search traffic. That said, it is a great place for content creators. The backbone or foundation of any Internet marketing campaign should be amazing content. If you are unwilling to create amazing content it is going to be nearly impossible to drive search traffic. The only way searchers are going to find you is through the different ways keywords are published on your business website.

If creating content is not a concern for you, Google+ is the social network of choice. Google+ offers a plethora of ways to create and share content as a business. Veterinarians all over the United States should take advantage of the many tools that are offered. Businesses can claim their Local Page which shows up in Google Maps. They can use this page to share blog posts, photos and helpful information for pet owners. Dog, cat, horse and all animal owners are always looking to make the lives of their animals easier. If you can do this for them there is a good chance you will bring in new customers.

Google+ also offers live YouTube Hangouts on Air. These YouTube videos are amazing for question and answer opportunities. As mentioned, most pet owners would love to expand their knowledge of that which ails their pets. A Google+ Hangout on Air can be set up with nine participants. I tend to use Hangouts on Air with my clients to do a few short question and answer videos. We then brand and repurpose those videos in the form of a blog post or a Google+ post. Any time a website or business uses a Google product it is good for Google search.

Communities are also a very large part of Google+. Think of a community as a message board or forum focused on your area of expertise. You can join an already established community or you can build one of your own. If pet owners do not want to go on a video they may be willing to ask a question through an update in a community. I have moderated many communities that are built around helping others use a product or service. If you have a staff that can help answer a few questions a week in a Veterinarians community it could go a very long way toward building your brand and your online presence.

Fortunately, Google+ is not being littered with spam and advertising like Facebook and other social networks. In fact, there are very few Veterinarians that are using the product. This means there are some amazing opportunities available for those that want to build a presence. I would strongly suggest joining some communities such as the Google Plus Pro Tips community to learn more about using Google+. If you do not have the time to learn yourself I offer several packages that help businesses grown on Google+ and in Google search. Feel free to reach out to me at I am always willing to look at proposals to see if they fit within my area of expertise.

What Should Veterinarians Do to Increase Search Traffic

Increasing search traffic and business is not easy. That is why some professionals are willing to spend $50 to $75 on a single click to their website through Google Adwords. If you are looking to grow an online presence with your Veterinarian practice content is king. Creating amazing content that is unique and useful will go a very long way in the eyes of Google and any search engine. Search algorithms created by MSN, Bing, Yahoo! and AOL all desire content to thrive. This means a website that is looking to increase search traffic should create content.

Unfortunately, almost all professionals have realized that content is king so they are already doing it. To stay ahead of the competition it is a good idea to buck the trend. One way to do this is to use the tools provided by Google. Most of these tools are available through Google+. If you are creating Hangouts on Air, posting to Google+ through a Local Page and engaging in Google+ communities it stands to reason that your website would start to naturally build links. Building natural links is invaluable as this tells Google you are an authority in your specific area of practice.

If creating content and using Google+ is a desire of yours please reach out to me as I have packages and products for both types of service. I offer copywriting opportunities as well as building a brand presence on Google+. Contact me at and I will be more than happy to look over any proposal. All of my clients have seen tremendous results on Google+ and in search over the last year and you could have that opportunity as well.

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