Where Does Vic Gundotra Work Now?

It is hard to believe that it has almost been a full year since Vic Gundotra stepped down from his role as the head of Google Plus. On April 24th, 2014 Vic stated that he was looking forward to a new journey that has yet to come in this post. Since then, Vic has shared numerous Google Plus posts but mostly are photos of his travels. From everything I gather, he has not taken on a full time position with another technology company. So, where has he been and where does he work?


When looking at Gundotra’s Google Plus profile he has changed his occupation to “investor”. This comes as no surprise as I am quite positive Gundotra has plenty of money saved up from his executive positions at both Google and Microsoft. In fact, he could probably live the rest of his life just off the stock options he has from these two tech giants.

Gundotra has a love for photography and all things technology. This leads me to believe he will land at a company that is pushing the social web in a visual way. There are plenty of these companies out there but none with the income or revenue to pay for the talents of Mr. Gundotra. He may very well end up being an advisor for Instagram, Snapchat or a social media app that has yet to be developed. When listening to any of Vic Gundotra’s speeches it is quite obvious he is a brilliant man. Brilliant men often do not sit idle very long.

So, where do you think Gundotra will land next? What is he doing these days? Will he take a different job at Google, Microsoft, Amazon or Facebook? These are all questions that will likely be answered in the next few years. No matter what, I am positive Vic Gundotra will be fantastic in his next position. Could he be the CEO of Microsoft or another tech company in the coming years? Only time will tell.

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I think he left mostly because the job was very time consuming and as you mentioned, he has not only family but photographing and traveling. If he will do something, he won’t be CEO or something similar. I also don’t see him working at Microsoft or Apple because he is Googler forever.