How to View App Traffic to a Website in Google Analytics

Recently, Google Analytics offered webmasters and website owners the ability to view traffic from a specific app. Prior to this May 2017 update, website owners could only view “app traffic” as part of the Direct category. Now they can see just how much traffic a specific app is sending to a website. This is especially useful if you are a business advertising on an app.

Here is how to do it:

Login to

On the left sidebar scroll down to Acquisition – Click Acquisition then All Traffic

Click Source/Medium. This will allow you to see all the sources that are sending traffic to your website:

You can scroll through all the sources to see where you should focus your time, money and energy. As always, the best source for traffic that converts into business will always be Google Organic traffic. Branding opportunities are available through social media and apps, but, time and again we have found that Google Organic Search provides the most business.


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