Can You View Instagram Stories on a Computer?

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram has created a very impressive profile page that can be viewed on a computer. Honestly, it is all in due time before Snapchat figures out the importance of an online profile that can be shared and pictures and videos can be embedded across websites. We digress. Now that Instagram offers story updates, similar to Snapchat stories, many users want to know if they can view these Instagram stories on their computer.

At the present time, the answer is no. That is not to say Instagram will not update personal profiles to show Instagram stories on the computer in the future. The only way to know if an Instagram user has a story uploaded is to view their profile and see that the profile picture has a purple and red circle around it. This lets users know they can click on the profile picture to watch the story. If you are following that person on Instagram, you will see their story at the top of your Instagram feed.

If Instagram wants to truly make a dent in Snapchat Stories they will allow users to view stories on a computer. This will not only increase the views, but it will cause more Snapchat users to post to Instagram as a way to bypass having to use a smartphone to view stories. Remember, many middle school, high school and college students cannot look at their phone while in class but they can look at their laptop or computer.

Would you like to see Instagram stories viewable on a computer? Do you look at other people’s Instagram photos and videos on a computer?

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