How Many Views Does DJ Khaled Get on His Snapchat Stories?

In late December 2015 DJ Khaled tweeted a picture showing that he is now getting over three million views on his Snapchat stories. Here it is:


There is one name that pops up every time you mention Snapchat – DJ Khaled. While Kylie Jenner may think she is the queen of Snapchat there is no doubt who is the king of Snapchat. No matter where you look on the Internet, the DJ Khaled Snapchat Story is mentioned. Some people are even saying he is the most motivational person in their lives. I wouldn’t go that far, but his Snapchat stories are quite unique. I recently found a screenshot showing how many views DJ Khaled is getting on Snapchat:


As you can see, DJ Khaled is now getting over 2 million views on his Snapchats and some of this stories are getting 4k or 5k screenshots. I wonder just how much traffic he is generating to his website which sells his apparel and brand name. I have tried diligently to get Snapchat users to go to a website and it simply does not happen. That said, I am not getting 2 million views per story.

Over the next year I think a number of celebrities are going to work directly with Snapchat to offer products or ads. These celebrities are getting millions of eyeballs on their stories which is valuable. Heck, DJ Khaled is getting more views on his Snapchat story that many network TV shows get any given week. If he makes his way to 10 or 15 million views per story he is going to be more popular than The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. We all know that advertisers are willing to pay millions to get TV commercials on these popular TV shows so how much would they be willing to pay DJ Khaled to mention their brand in his story?

Do you know of any other celebrities that are getting millions of views per Snapchat story? Who do you think has the best Snapchat stories?

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