How Many Views Do You Need to Get Snapchat Insights?

When Snapchat Insights first came out last spring we had no idea it was limited to users that had grown a large following. We started to play around with it and found the information rather, well, informative. It tells you all the demographic information related to your audience including male or female, age and interests. Unfortunately, it looks as if only certain users have access to Snapchat Insights.

If you have a large audience, likely larger than 2000 followers, you can access Insights on your home screen where you see your Snapchat QR Code, Bitmoji and general information. The Insights tab will be under Stores – Add to My Story. You can click on the tab and it will so you data and numbers for the number of minutes in which people have viewed your story, how many were male or female and what age range they are in.

Do you have access to Snapchat Insights? How many views do you get on your stories?

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