When Will Vikings Season 5 Be Free on Amazon Prime?

All indications are Vikings Season 5 will premiere on the History Channel later in 2017. This means millions of diehard fans will be in front of their TV sets ready to watch. Those that have cut their cable or satellite cord my have to wait patiently for this TV show to be made available for Amazon Prime subscribers. Remember, you can pay $2.99 per episode as they come out or you can wait about four or five months to watch season 5 for free.

There were two parts to season 4 of Vikings and each had a different release date on Amazon Prime. This is important to understand as most of the more modern TV shows are not released on Amazon Prime for free until a few months after the finale has been aired on TV. This means, once the finale for Vikings Season 5 has aired on The History Channel, expect to wait at least three months before you will get to see it for free on Amazon Prime.

Some may hope Vikings will be made available on Netflix sometime in the near future. That does not look to be the case as Netflix users will find the History Channel hit TV show is not available to stream with their monthly subscription.

Are you excited about Season 5 of Vikings? Are you going to wait for it to be made available on Amazon Prime for free? Do you think you will get to see it before 2018? Are you going to binge watch every episode as soon as it is on Amazon Prime?

3 thoughts on “When Will Vikings Season 5 Be Free on Amazon Prime?

  1. Tom Riska

    I have both Amazon Prime and a cable service that includes the “History Channel” but cannot find a way to access Season 5 without the fee. My understanding is if you are a “Prime” member you should be able to access it. It also makes no sense that I cannot watch it via TV2go since I pay for the channel. Any ideas?


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