Warsaw Life Snapchat Story on May 14th, 2015

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As the world turns so do Snapchat Life Stories. Today we had the opportunity to visit Warsaw, Poland from the palm of our hands. This was a very interesting Snapchat Story for me because I am Polish. There were some unique buildings and fashion styles that were shown throughout the Snapchat Story. Some of the building looked like castles. There were also a few videos explaining how to say certain phrases and words in Polish. Here are some of the screenshots I took:

warsaw-life-water-snapchat snpachat-story-warsaw-life warsaw-castle-snapchat-story warsaw-bird-snapchat-story warsaw-piano-snapchat-story warsaw-life-snapchat-story

If you are from Warsaw or any part of Poland please comment below with your thoughts and feelings about this particular Snapchat Story. Did it properly depict your part of the world? What would you add? Tell us a little bit about your area. What is the weather like? What are the popular sports? What do people do for entertainment?

5 thoughts on “Warsaw Life Snapchat Story on May 14th, 2015

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  2. Deaf

    If anyone happens to have a recording of the ‘Beautiful Polish music- chopin 🎹🇮🇩’ snap, could you please respond to this with either web link to it or stating the name of piece?
    Apologies, thanks ever so much to anyone who sees this and can help, possessing such a recording or just having a really good memory.


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