Washington, DC Personal Injury Law Firm Top 10 SEO Websites

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This resource will feature the top 10 Washington, DC personal injury law firm websites from an SEO perspective. We will use our professional SEO experience to determine which firms are doing the best job of properly optimizing to rank at the top of Google search. This list is no based on the top websites that rank for “Washington, DC personal injury lawyer”. There is much more to a website than ranking for one keyword phrase. We will analyze a number of keyword phrases including medical malpractice, slip and fall and car accidents.

May 2016

#1 – Price Benowitz LLP – Price Benowitz dominates the DC market. They rank at the top of Google Maps and Google organic search for almost every single personal injury keyword. To beat them out for the top spot, a law firm is going to have to commit to an all out SEO and Internet Marketing campaign. Price Benowitz has locations all over the northeast which is greatly helping them in terms of SEO and ranking in Google search.

#2 – Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C – This law firm is the clear #2 as they rank below Price Benowitz for most personal injury keyword phrases in the Washington, DC area. We have a couple of ideas as to how they could get to the #1 spot but we will keep those a secret. Feel free to contact us at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com if you would like to discuss the strategy.

#3 – Cohen & Cohen – A .net. Finding a .net with SEO power is quite unusual these days. That said, the website is very well done. We love the basic theme. There is room to grow with a blog an original content produced on a daily basis. They also own a few other Washington DC domains.

#4 – Regan Zambri Long – This looks like a newer personal injury website that has a lot of potential. There is quite a bit of unique content going up on the blog and the theme looks great. With proper optimization, this website has a chance to move up in the search rankings for several personal injury keyword phrases.

#5 – Mesirow & Associates, PLLC – This is an older Justia website that is still ranking quite well. In our professional opinion, this website will need to be updated in the near future if the firm hopes to keep their front page ranking. They will also need more content in the form of a blog or a news section.

#6 – The Abelson Law Firm – This is an interesting study. The Abelson Law Firm has a beautiful website but there just isn’t a lot of content. With a content blast this firm could really see their search rankings improve. It also looks as if their areas of practice are small. No pages for slip and fall, pedestrian accidents, amputation or premises liability. Plenty of room for improvement here.

#7 – The Law Offices of Jay S. Weiss, P.C – This is a website that must be updated as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Jay S. Weiss are on page two and we would imagine they were once on page one. This particular website theme looks like it was built about five to seven years ago. The law firm website is also missing photos of the attorneys.

#8 – Simeone & Miller, LLP – This is an up and coming website. Look for this one to jump into the top 5 with the proper optimization. The WordPress website is beautifully designed with some amazing photos. With consistent blog updates and proper link building this is a law firm that could make some noise in the search rankings in the next few months.

#9 – Greenberg & Bederman, LLC – While this website looks a little older it still has all the necessary bells and whistle to rank well. We would like to see more consistent content on the blog as the last blog post was published in July of 2015. With more consistent content this website could drastically improve their search rankings.

#10 – Saiontz & Kirk, P.A – This law firm website is very well done. We love the clean and crisp theme. There is also consistent content going on the blog. With the proper optimization and the right links, this firm could get quite a few cases from this website.

There are a number of great law firms in the Washington, DC area that are still working on building their website. If you would like your law firm website to rank on the front page of Google so you can get more cases online reach out to us at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com. We have a team of SEO professionals that can assist you in building your law firm.

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