Waterstone Neighborhood in Hillsborough Expands with UNC Hospital

Just off Interstate 40 in Orange County lies the Waterstone Neighborhood. When this neighborhood was first developed many people wondered why home builders were using this part of Orange County. The reason for this was the development of the UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus. In July 2015, the Hillsborough Campus UNC Hospital will open. Over the course of the next few months over 400 employees will start their jobs at this location.


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When driving into Hillsborough from Interstate 40 you will notice a large plot of land to the left that is wide open. This plot of land is the Durham Tech Orange County campus, the new UNC Hospital and the Waterstone Neighborhood. It makes sense why home builders would be all about this area with a hospital creating plenty of jobs and a place for retirees to go if they are having any health issues.

If you are looking to buy a home in Orange County and you do not want to live in Chapel Hill or next to the University it is a wise choice to look at alternatives in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Hillsborough is the county seat of Orange County and there are plenty of great restaurants and entertainment options in downtown Hillsborough.

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As the Waterstone Neighborhood continues to develop I will try to update this and other resources with information related to the amenities, businesses and restaurants that will be coming to the area. What do you think should “pop up” in this part of Hillsborough? A Panera Bread? A new steakhouse? I am certain a Harris Teeter will be opening shortly. What else is needed?

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