Should I Pay to Put My Business on Waze Local Ads?

For the first time we noticed ads to promote a business on Waze the other day. In essence, this is the same thing as promoting your business on Google Maps. Millions of drivers are using Waze to avoid traffic jams and to get alerts when police are in the area. This means they are likely using Waze when they are driving at a slower rate of speed. It also means they are willing to use the app to see what is around them.

If you area ┬álocal business that gets “pop in” traffic from people driving down the street or Interstate it might be a good idea to consider Waze Ads. The Waze business website explains that you can get your business on Waze for as little as $2 a day. Note that you will only show up for a very short amount of time if you are paying $2 a day.

Waze charges businesses based of CPM. This means you will pay per impressions. The more people that see you on the app, the more you will pay. Think about it as a billboard. In reality, Waze is much better than a billboard because the app will lead customers directly to your front door or parking lot.

This type of advertising will be great for restaurants, gas stations, diners, retailers and convenience stores. It will not be great for law firms, doctors offices, dentists and orthodontists. If you are a business or medical professional that is looking to get business from people using an iPhone or Android it would be best to focus on SEO. People are going to search for a lawyer or orthodontist, they aren’t going to randomly stop by because they saw your business on the Waze app.

That said, if you are a restaurant that is in a high traffic area, the Waze app would be perfect for your brand. It would be especially useful if you aren’t right off the highway. If you are on a side road or down an alley you might have the best restaurant in town but no one knows about you. With the Waze app they will be able to see your business quickly.

Have you considered Waze Ads? If you are debating this option over Yelp, Google Adwords or Facebook Ads please email us at as we would love to help you get the most for your money.

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