Wear Yellow for Seth Snapchat Story on March 27th, 2015

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Post a comment with what type of yellow you wore today. Was it a shirt? Shoes? A watch?

Send a Snapchat picture or video to Seth at the Snapchat name YellowForSeth.

If you want to get more news and updates about Snapchat check out the subreddit r/snapchatme. You can also add other Snapchat users that want to snap and send pictures and videos back and forth.

Today, Snapchat did something very unique in that they featured a story that was an attempt to spread the word about a cause. The Wear Yellow for Seth campaign is to build awareness of “bubble boy” Seth Lane’s battle with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID). Seth was born without an immune system and is currently battling for his life. Prior to the Snapchat Story on March 27th, 2015 I knew nothing about this story. This truly shows the power of Snapchat, social media, smartphones and the Internet. Here are some of the screens shots from the story:

wear-yellow-seth-lane-snapchat snapchat-wear-yellow-story snapchat-story-seth-lane snapchat-yellow-story wear-yellow-for-seth-snapchat

This story was only about 55 seconds when I first saw it but I would imagine it is going to continue to grow as more Snapchat users in the United States see it. I imagine there will be plenty of people wearing yellow today. Note that all the early Snapchat pictures and videos are from London but that is sure to change. As predicted, there are dozens of new pictures added to the story. One person even played the song “Yellow” with a yellow guitar. We know that yellow is Seth’s favorite color so find some yellow and wear it for Seth. For those wondering, Seth Lane is five years old. If you have any more information on Seth please feel free to comment below.

yellow-notes-snapchat-seth girl-in-yellow-snapchat-story-seth seth-yellow-blonde-girl yellow-sweater-girl-seth yellow-wires-seth-snapchat seth-drawing-snapchat-story yellow-soccer-jersey-seth yellow-guitar-song-seth-snapchat


How Do You Send Seth a Snapchat Picture of Your Yellow?

At this point I do not know Seth’s Snapchat name. If anyone does I think it would be wonderful to share it so we can all send him snaps of our yellow. I am also not certain how to share your pictures with Snapchat at this point. Once again, if you know how, feel free to comment below. A “how to” send a snap picture to Seth would be fantastic.

19 thoughts on “Wear Yellow for Seth Snapchat Story on March 27th, 2015

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      1. Michaela

        I actually found this page after searching what ‘yellow for seth’ meant when I found it on my snapchat. If you take a picture or video when you click on the icon to add something directly to your story a menu should come up with two (or more maybe) options in which you can check’My story’ to upload it to your actual story or ‘Yellow for Seth story’ to upload it to that one presumably

        1. Cristian Acevedo

          I only have my story as an option i dont have seths story … how do i add a video wiht the pictures and the ”wearyellowforseth”

      2. Cristian Acevedo

        did you find out how ?? I want to add Montreal to the story line with the pictures and the txt saying wearyellowforseth !!

  2. Anna

    So I figured out how to add a snap to the Seth Story, that event has to be going on in your location! It’s only for Boston, London and New York. I am not sure how to add a city to the event. But once your city is added to the event then you can submit a picture to it!

  3. Bailey

    I am not a big fan of yelllow but when i heard about seth i started becasue he is a little rock of joy and he is one heck of a son i wish your guys luck and joy seth Sincerely Bailey Bangs

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