Why Does My Website Article Drop in Google Rankings Over Time?

When I first started my Internet adventure I was baffled at the movement in search rankings within the first six to 12 hours of an article being published. I could rank an article #2 or #3 right after it was published but it would slowly start to work its way lower on the front page of Google with time. Within 24 hours it was all the way to page 2 and the free fall would start. I had no idea why this happened and simply stopped writing about that particular subject. Sadly, I didn’t know that was the worst thing you could do in terms of SEO and ranking in search.

The reason an article initially ranks high in Google Search is the relevancy and timeliness. One of the best SEO strategies I have ever used is to stay ahead of news and get the traffic early. If you are the first person to publish that Google Algorithms have been updated in August 2015 you are going to get all the early traffic. As the big boys start writing about this topic you are going to drop in rankings. When Business Insider, CNN, CNBC and The Verge publish articles on the latest Google Algorithm updates it makes sense that my website would drop as it is not as authoritative as those particular websites.


The only way to combat this is to become the authority on a topic. While you may drop for August 2015 Google Algorithm Updates you will likely get a handful of links that tell Google you are becoming more of an authority on this topic. When Google updates their algorithms in December 2015 or January 2016 and you are the first to write the topic you will likely remain higher in the search rankings even when the other news outlets publish their story. If you continue to do this over a prolonged period of time there is a good chance you won’t drop in the rankings at all. You will become an authority on that topic and the major news outlets will start linking to you.

If you see your articles starting to drop in the Google Search Rankings update them, polish them, add some videos, take some pictures; do everything you can to make them a great resource for website visitors. Do not simply give up. If you give up you will never rank for those competitive keyword phrases. If you need help with SEO or ranking in Google search feel free to reach out to me at jwojdylo@gmail.com. I offer monthly SEO and content packages that can help you dominate your competition.

If you are a business and you find that your website ranks “early on” for keywords but drops in the rankings over time you likely need more links and quality content to build the authority of your website on your specific subject matter. It takes time and lots of great content. Get to work!

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Kashif Mahmood
Kashif Mahmood

My website was ranked for many keywords on the first page of google but in December 2016 it is dropped for all keywords to 3rd page almost I don’t know whether google has update algorithm in December 2016