Can My Broker Website Rank for Mortgage Rates Keywords?

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There are thousands of mortgage broker websites created every single month. With tens of thousands of brokers vying for the same keyword phrases is it possible for your broker website to rank on the front page of Google search for “mortgage rates” keywords? The answer is yes, but you must understand that proper SEO and unique content will be necessary to beat out the competition. It is not as easy as simply putting up a website and hoping to rank #1 for “mortgage rates [your city]”.

Over the last ten years more mortgage brokers have figured out the power of the Internet. Some brokers are getting over 50% of their leads from a website. This is a very low cost marketing opportunity as a website could get leads for years to come while an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine will expire after that issue has been released. Instead of getting one chance to get a phone call brokers will have hundreds of chances each and every day.

The other great thing about ranking on the front page of Google search for keywords is clients are actively looking for services. This means they are much more willing to pick up the phone and give you a call. So, how can a mortgage broker rank for “mortgage rates” keywords?

Content will always be king to Google. Without amazing content your website has no chance. For this reason, I always urge my clients to focus on content at the outset. With quality content, natural links will follow. Understand that there is no such thing as too much content. If you have the ability to write at length, do it now. If you have team members or other support staff that knows your business and is willing to write about it, get them started as soon as possible.

If you are like most mortgage brokers, you are busy answering the phone and filing paperwork. You don’t have time to sit and write mortgage related articles or blog posts. For this reason, we offer mortgage SEO copywriting that can help your website rank higher in Google search. Having written over 20,000 finance related articles our team knows what it takes to get to the front page for keywords that will entice search visitors to give you a phone call today.

We also know how to write with the proper call to action. Letting your website visitors know how to contact you is extremely important. Once you have the proper content on your website it takes links to rank in search. Acquiring links is very challenging and takes time. Fortunately, we have helped a number of mortgage brokers ascend to the top of Google search so we know how to properly create a link portfolio.

If you are seeking proper SEO, great content and a quality link portfolio reach out to us today at We have monthly SEO packages that can help your mortgage website rank much higher for many keyword phrases related to mortgage rates.

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