How Many Website Visitors are Needed to Break the Alexa 100,000

Breaking the Alexa 100,000 takes quite a bit of time and effort. The only way you will see your Alexa chart is if you are in the top 100,000 websites in the world. Note that you could see the chart for traffic spikes but if you want to consistently see your Alexa chart you will need to get some significant traffic. Here is what I found out.


You will notice that back in late March and early April I first broke into the top 100,000 which is where the little blue line shows up. At that time I was getting about 3,000 visitors a day to my website. I had a few days in which I spiked to around 10,000 or 15,000, but, on average, I was hitting the 3k mark.

Over the last three months I have steadily grown my traffic to the point of 4,000 visitors a day. Even on slow weekend days I still get over 3,500 visitors to my website. Note that most of these visitors are coming from search with a very small percentage coming from social media websites.

If you want to break into the top 100,000 on Alexa I would suggest placing the threshold at around 3,000 visitors a day. If you can generate this type of traffic you would be considered one of the elite Internet marketers in the world.

Personally, I could care less about my Alexa ranking. I really don’t think it matters at all because it is a swayed ranking. Technical and social media websites rank much better because the data is tracked through a plugin. People visiting websites like small town message boards and outdoor leisure sites would never install a plugin. I have a client that gets about 20,000 visitors a day and his website doesn’t show up in the Alexa top 100,000. This is just something to think about.

When it comes to traffic, remember that quality is better than quantity. I would rather have one personal injury lawyer come to my website to get SEO and search ranking advice than 500 teenagers looking for ways to get more Snapchat views.

11 thoughts on “How Many Website Visitors are Needed to Break the Alexa 100,000

  1. Rowan

    Only traffic comes from the visitors who have installed Alexa toolbar on their Browsers counts by Alexa. So, I think it’s little impossible to give an approximate or idea for daily traffic limits.

  2. Mary Ann Garson

    thank you for the insights, I am still in the process of improving my Alexa rank, my blog is 4 months old. I understand quality matters than quantity, that’s what I am focusing at the moment.

  3. Sel

    Before a year I had 25-40 Visitors per day my rank was 2m – 1.2m
    – Now I have about 80 – 100 visitors my rank is 4m – 3m, So don’t worry about ranking worry about content quality and Seo.

  4. Paul writer

    yep, Alexa ranking tends to be pretty misleading sometimes. I had a website years ago(before selling it) that got a whole lot of traffic, but never showed up in the Alexa ranking system,but did in other traffic measuring metrics. oh well what can i say, not everything’s perfect
    Paul writer( founder of

  5. Lisa Greenfield

    Alexa (named after the ancient library of Alexandria) is Amazon’s voice control system. It lets you speak your wishes and see them fulfilled—at least simple ones, like dimming your lights or playing music tracks. It turns the Echo, Dot, and Tap streaming audio players into de facto smart-home hubs and Internet assistants. And it’s what turned Echo into not just one of this year’s biggest tech products, but possibly the biggest news so far for those interested in smart-home control. Lisa

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    1. sarath

      After implementing the code your Alexa rank went up or down?
      My site has around 500 daily visitors and my alexa rank is 3,65,000.

  7. Akinola olusegun

    Though, Alexa ranking is not accurate, it is the delight of every blogger to rank high in Alexa, at least.


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