How Many Website Visitors Lead to Personal Injury Client Conversions?

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Most personal injury law firms are looking to grow their client base. Almost all successful firms have a marketing campaign that is constantly running. This may include TV commercials, Yellow Pages ads, magazine profiles or a website that ranks on the front page of Google search. If your law firm is trying to get more clients from a website you likely wonder how many visitors you will need to start getting phone calls and client conversions.

If your website is getting just a handful of hits or visitors a day the likelihood that you are getting telephone calls is very low. That said, one focused search for an Atlanta car accident lawyer may entice the visitor to pick up the phone and call immediately. The goal of all websites is to drive as much focused traffic as possible. Unfortunately, some SEO companies drive traffic from places in which visitors are not going to call your firm. If a visitor comes from Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites they are very unlikely to call your firm.

If a visitor has actively searched for your services on Google, Bing and Yahoo! they are much more likely to pick up the phone and call for legal advice.

That said, a good number to shoot for in the first six to nine months of a website is 30 visitors a day. This is just below 1000 visitors a month and will likely lead to 20 or more phone calls. Whether or not you convert these phone calls is up to your staff. Some law firms are much better a getting a client to sign up while others just offer legal advice.

On your website, it would be wise to clearly state your law firm policies. Do you offer free consultation? Are you available on nights and weekends? Do you have a legal staff that will do all the private investigative work? How many cases have you won? Have you won cases over $1 or $10 million? By properly displaying the answers to these questions, you will find that the number of phone calls increases.

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