Who Consumes Social Media Content?

I am rather new to social media. Unlike many who jumped on the Facebook bandwagon in 2006 and the Twitter bandwagon in 2009, I did not get my feet wet until 2012. Fortunately, my feet got soaking wet on Google Plus which was still considered a “ghost town” when I dove in head first. I guess that means my head got wet before my feet? I digress. Over the course of the last 17 months I have learned many things about social media and human psychology. One of the most important lessons I have learned is that there are not many people out there like me. I consume social media content throughout the day. I also have the opportunity to adjust a schedule based on how I want to consume any type of content.

Consuming content can be defined much differently depending on who you are talking to. While I like to read 1000 page books some like to simply look at 140 character tweets. I am a huge fan of long form content because it helps my clients rank in Google search. I have catered my business model on this, so much so that my Hire a Content Writer page is one of the most heavily search.

Consuming Social Media Content

I grew up in a very small town in the western part of North Carolina. All of my high school friends remain in the small town area and they are about a decade behind when it comes to technology. They know this, accept it and live their lives. In mid 2013 there are still individuals in those small North Carolina mountain towns that do not have a cell phone. Some have never been on the Internet. I talked to an old friend recently and he mentioned his mother finally got “the Internet” and she assumed that was Facebook. This is all too common. When logging on to the computer she opens her Internet Explorer browser and Facebook is her home page. Ahhh, that Microsoft/Facebook partnership is proving to be worthwhile! There are many more individuals with this perspective than mine. I still truly believe that the Google Plus SEO value outweighs Facebook drama. That is just my opinion though.

When I open my browser Google Plus often pops up. If it is not Google Plus it is GMail or the last website I was browsing. I also scour Twitter to see the latest news in technology, sports and finance. Almost every account I follow on Twitter is valuable. There are no “follow back” type users in my stream. This is all done from a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro. I use my Nexus 4 smartphone to hop on Twitter and Google Plus when I walk away from the Internet. This consumption is almost every waking moment. Lately, I have scaled back a little bit for some side projects but there are very few days that go by in which I do not share at least a dozen Google Plus posts.

Let us go back to my friend’s mother in the small town. We will call her Betty. Betty gets on her Dell desktop computer twice a day. She checks her email to see what her kids have sent. About 90% of the email she receives is spam but she feels as if she has to go through it all. After scouring to see if anyone important emailed she goes back to Facebook. She likes every single status update by her three children. She clicks around to a few different areas and ends up getting lost. How did she end up on a website for a pressure washer company in Atlanta? She gets a little bit frustrated and closes her browser. This is her Internet and social media consumption for the day.

Social Media is Different for Everyone

I thoroughly enjoy social media consumption. I have been very strict with who I circle on Google Plus and who I follow on Twitter. So much so that I go through all of my contacts a few times a month to make certain there is no fluff. If I see someone on Twitter tweeting about something I do not enjoy I do not hesitate to unfollow them. The same is true on Google Plus. If someone shares a vague post like “I can’t believe he would do that to me…” I go to their profile page and make certain they are no longer in my circles. Obviously this adjusts based on my relationship with that person, but over three quarters of the time I uncircle them because it is not something I want to consume on the Internet. Life is stressful and dramatic enough, I don’t need more from social media.


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Back to Betty. Betty signed up for Facebook with her son and he decided who she should friend. She actually has about 15 friend requests waiting to be verified, but she has no idea that is even part of the “game”. If she signed up for Twitter, which she has not, there is a good chance she would follow her favorite celebrities which include Alan Thicke and Kenny Rogers. I am not even sure if they have Twitter accounts but these are the types of people she would follow. She may even start clicking around to follow anyone that mentioned her favorite celebrities.Twitter changed the life of my friend Schyler Martin and, honestly, it has opened up plenty of opportunities for myself as well.

As you can tell, everyone uses social media in a different way. I consume about 50% of my social media content on a smartphone. I know college students that consume over 80% of social media on a smartphone. There are people like Betty that don’t even have a smartphone. Perspective is everything and we must understand that not everyone wants to have a long conversation about SEO or social media on Google Plus. Not everyone is going to live tweet the Super Bowl. Not everyone wants to post a status update on Facebook. Find your audience and enjoy the experience.

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My grandmother grabbed a Twitter account to follow Reba MacIntyre. Outside of that, she doesn’t care. 😉

Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett

Great post my man, tweeted and enjoyed the read.

Robert Ryan

An enjoyable read Jesse and I’m sure we can all relate to it as we all know someone like “Betty”. And, your post is bang on the money. People read and consume what they perceive to be important to them. To target a particular market you have to create content that is relevant to them so that it appeals to them directly and put the content in places where your target market can consume it. Looking forward to reading more and just circled you on G+, Rob