Will Facebook Buy Meerkat (Live Streaming Video App)?

Live streaming video apps are the hot talk of the social media world. Meerkat “blew up” a few weeks ago as it was the go to source for streaming video on Twitter. Unfortunately, the seamless integration with Twitter did not last as Twitter turned off some of the functionality. Since then, Twitter has purchased the live streaming video app Periscope. Since then Meerkat and Twitter have not had the best of relationships. This makes me wonder if Facebook is going to purchase Meerkat in the near future.


Every single month Facebook reports that more and more hours of online video are watched on Facebook. Imagine if users had the ability to live stream their lives. Although most people do not have the most exciting lives, they would love to broadcast it for the world to see when something unusual does happen. March Madness is a fantastic example. Imagine going to the first round of NCAA Tournament games and being able to live stream the last two minutes of the game through Meerkat and it was broadcast on Facebook for all your friends to see.

Facebook has been known to gobble up social media apps before they truly take off. They purchased Instagram before it had any social functionality. If you remember correctly, Instagram was solely an iPhone app that allowed you to put filters on pictures; nothing more. When Facebook purchased Instagram they quickly integrated it into Facebook and the social layer grew. Now Instagram is probably the most popular app amongst high school and college students.

In the next few weeks it will be interesting to see how Twitter, Google, Facebook and Snapchat “go after” the live streaming video market. For years, Google has stated that live video is the next thing. It is Facetime but for the world to see. Google tried diligently with Google Hangouts but no one wanted to use Google Plus to broadcast their video. And honestly, it was very clunky. If one of these companies can come up with a way to publicly display exciting events in people’s lives it will explode.

Snapchat already has something similar to this with “stories” but that is limited to only the people that follow a Snapchat user. If there was an app that broadcast to all social media websites and an individual website this could gain interest very quick. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if Facebook buys Meerkat in the near future.

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