Will I Lose All of My Yakarma and Yaktivity If I Update Yik Yak?

Will I lose all of my yakarma and yaktivity if I update Yik Yak?

No! According to the newest Yik Yak update, version 2.01, both yakarma points and yaktivity (your yaks and yak replies) data will remain safe from here on out. This means that earlier concerns about upgrading or updating your device, accidentally deleting the app and having to reinstall it, or any other threat of losing yak data is now void (!!!). Congratulations, all of your hard work is not for nothing. In other words, you still have yak bragging rights.

Also new to version 2.01 is a new “Featured Peek” which allows easy access to featured universities as designated by the app. I’ve yet to figure out the algorithm for the feature process, but as of Sept. 24 Florida State University, Illinois State University, Rutgers University, and the University of Alabama are the featured universities. Will update with more information as time passes.

Speaking of Yak features…

Peeking at other bulletin boards allows users to see the current, to-the-minute bulletin board of other colleges and universities, which is really intriguing. This feature allows users to witness the popularity of the app at others schools (some yaks at Alabama had a shelf life of mere minutes before new yaks replaced them; popular yaks were getting upwards of 50 ups per minute). The peek feature Is also interesting to see how certain schools and their boards respond to localized and national news.

When Florida State was stuck with the Jameis Winston PR-crisis last week, peeking at FSU’s yaks provided insight into what the student body thought of the situation. Checking out Clemson’s bulletin board (the visiting team that weekend) and the University of Florida’s board (FSU’s archrival) to see how students at the respective schools responded provided a broad picture of how the stunt was perceived on a larger scale. Take a look at some of the yaks here, posted on September 17, to see what I’m talking about.

But besides the jokes and jabs, Yik Yak has also proven to be a place that fosters intercollegiate support. In the mysterious death of a Clemson student over the weekend, not only was a candlelight vigil proposed and organized via Yik Yak on Clemson’s board, but other schools, such as Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina, and the College of Charleston all pledged to wear orange in honor of the late student’s life.

So is Yik Yak here to stay? Obviously the redundancy of posts can be tiring and discourage interaction overtime, but in cases where national or local news rock a community, Yik Yak has proven to be a new outlet from which students and individuals can find support, and whose voices may be heard in the comfort of anonymity.

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