Will Old Snapchat Selfie Filters Return?

I am getting asked this question hundreds of times a day. Snapchat users want to know if the puking rainbows or zombie selfie filters will be back. Well, at this point no one knows. I would imagine we will see these filters return as the need arises. How could Snapchat not bring back the Zombie selfie filter on the week of Halloween? We will also see plenty of heart related filters for Valentines Day. Imagine what we will see for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

If you are new to Snapchat and you haven’t gotten to see all the Snapchat selfie filters you can access this link to see most of them. I try to do a YouTube video or take a screenshot of most of them, depending on how creative and interesting they are.

Do you want some of the older Snapchat selfie filters back? What was your favorite? Do you want a way to save your favorites so you can use them at any time?

2 thoughts on “Will Old Snapchat Selfie Filters Return?

  1. Dee

    Id love to be able to save my favourite filter. My friends and I use Snapchat a lot more when we can build on a character.


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