Will YouTube or Facebook Live Stream NFL Games?

On March 23rd, 2015 it was announced that the Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills game will be live streamed on the Internet. This is a huge announcement as the bidding wars are going to start for this NFL game. While this is not a very popular game in most people’s eyes it is huge for YouTube and Facebook. Google, the parent company of YouTube, is trying diligently to be a content provider much like a TV network. Before we know it there will be TV shows that are aired on YouTube or Facebook first.

So, this begs the question, which company is going to live stream NFL games? Will it be YouTube or Facebook? In my opinion it will be YouTube solely because Google has more money to spend. Google has been a publicly traded company for over a decade and Facebook is still new to the scene in terms of being owned by shareholders. While Facebook does have plenty of cash on hand I feel as if Google is better prepared to make a large offer to the NFL. They may also be willing to split some of the advertising revenues as well.

As this battle continues I will update this resource with the financial numbers that are being thrown around for the live streaming opportunity of NFL games. As soon as I find out where the game will be broadcast I will also embed the video here so you can watch the game in its entirety. What will be very interesting is to see the number of live viewers during the event. I know YouTube has this functionality but I am not certain if Facebook has it yet. You can be rest assured that whatever company is streaming this game will be sure to let users know how many people are watching at one particular moment. There will also likely be a “social hub” that allows fans to discuss the game on Twitter or their favorite social network.

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