WordPress 4.2.2 (January 2016) Causing Dashboard and Comment Problems

With the latest WordPress update, 4.2.2, many webmasters are having issues trying to use their dashboard. Personally, I have been unable to moderate comments and it has been a struggle just to get a post published. It took me well over an hour just to get this post composed within WordPress. This is very unfortunate as business owners do not have the time to play around with WordPress trying to update their website. If you are a business owner and have struggled with your WordPress theme feel free to email me at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com. I have over a decade of experience with WordPress and have helped many when it comes to ranking their WordPress page higher in search.

Over the next few days I would imagine there will be many patches and updates that should help those using WordPress. If you are like me and you use WordPress on dozens of websites you can only hope that the update happens sooner rather than later. Also note that your web hosting could be the issue when it comes to accessing your dashboard. If you have Bluehost, Dreamhost or Host Gator this may be the problem. Consult your hosting company to see if they are having any problems on their end. I have thoroughly enjoyed Bluehost and if you are having problems with other hosting services I would suggest signing up. Here is the link.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have questions about SEO and WordPress themes. Many personal injury lawyers, orthodontists, mortgage brokers, plastic surgeons and other professionals have needed assistance when it comes to this area. I will be more than willing to offer my professional opinion as to ranking higher in search and getting more business from your website or online presence.

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