Should I Write Blog Posts Even If No One Comments

Time and again business professionals ask me why they should continue to write blog posts if no one comments or reads the content. It can be discouraging to hit the publish button and find out that no one has actually looked at the blog post or article that took you an hour to craft. This is an hour of time you could have used elsewhere; possibly in other ways to improve your business and/or make money. While this is true, you must understand that each piece of content that is submitted to your business website has the potential to be seen many years down the road. This is an investment of time that could, and likely will, return in perpetuity.

Why Content and Blog Posts Matter

No matter what your business or interest, blog posts or content is the best long term internet marketing plan. Tweets last about 20 seconds, Facebook posts may last a few hours and Instagram photos will receive likes for about a day. After that, these pieces of content are basically done. Have you ever had someone call your business and say, “Hey, I saw a Facebook post from six months ago that helped me find you.” Does this ever happen? It is highly unlikely.

It happens every single day with Google. Just today, I received an email from an individual wanting to know about the September 2014 Google Penalty update. This article was written on September 25th, 2014 and today is November 18th, 2014. It has been almost two full months and Google searchers are still finding my content. I have blog posts that I published years ago that still help me to get business. At this point, I am playing with the house’s money as I know I will receive leads on a consistent basis because of all the blog posts and resources I have created.

People Search for Services and Products

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where people go to waste time, Google searchers are actively looking to solve a problem. Many times they are searching for a product of service. They may want to find the best golf course in Raleigh. They may want to find an orthodontist that offers Invisalign in Miami. They may even want to find out how to start their own online business. If your business website ranks well in Google search they are going to immediately think of you as an authority.

Google has a very strong relationship with its users. If a search result comes up on the front page of Google it must be reputable. The same cannot be said of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In fact, most of the things you see on those social outlets are laughable. Would you honestly take the advice of someone that posts on Facebook or Twitter all day? I would think it would be much more likely you would take the advice of someone that ranks on the front page of Google search; especially when it comes to a professional or legal matter. For some reason I just can’t imagine you would go to Facebook to seek out legal advice as it relates to the finances of a family estate.

With Google working very hard to provide the best search results for its users they are basically doing your job for you. All you have to do is produce great content that ranks in Google search. If you struggle with this or with SEO please feel free to reach out to me at as I can help you create amazing content that will help you increase search traffic starting today. It is not an overnight process, but by laying the groundwork today you will be getting many leads through Google search on a daily basis.

What If No One Comments or Reads My Posts?

Over the course of the last six years I have published over 25,000 blog posts. I would imagine that about 95% of those blog posts never received a single comment. Did that deter me from writing my next blog post? Absolutely not. There are many passive Internet users that will never leave a comment on a blog post or piece of content. Just because there are no comments it does not mean the blog post is not valuable.

I will take it a step further; even if no one reads your blog post it is still valuable. You are actively producing content that is being crawled, indexed and ranked by Google. This means Google will see you as a topical authority over time. I have over 300 blog posts on this website and well over half of them are not read on a daily basis. That is perfectly fine. One day, someone might search for the Google Knowledge Graph for Business or How to Post a Yelp Review. When they get to my website, they will find a resource that is useful. In the long run, it may help me to land a new client.

Just because a blog post is not getting comments it does not mean it is not being read. Make sure you have Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools set up so you can track where visitors are going on your website. These free tools will also help you see what search visitors are accessing on your website. Once again, if you need help generate traffic to your website please feel free to reach out to me at We will work to generate traffic that ultimately helps your business make more money today and down the road. Whatever you do, do not stop producing content for your business website.

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Hi Jo, Found you via an SEO tip you gave Heather for her latest blog post, then followed that link to this one! Thought I’d leave you a comment (!) to let you know that I read this post all the way through and found it most reassuring as I began my own blog a few months ago (after ghost blogging for clients for a couple of years) and have stuck to a weekly schedule, despite not getting many comments (other than from my sister!). Bit disheartening at times, especially after creating a post that I really like, but I… Read more »


Sorry, meant to say Hi Jesse 🙂