Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris of Love and Hip Hop VH1 TV Show

Yandy Smith-Harris is one of the “stars” of Love and Hip Hop season 8 on VH1. She is from Harlem, New York City and has quite the large social media following. She has 880,000 followers on Twitter¬†and 4.8 million on Instagram. While the Love and Hip Hop show has increased her popularity, it is the case that her fashion and entertainment career were well on their way before the show. Her husband and the father to her children, Mendeecees is also a major part of the Love and Hip Hop show on VH1.

There are many questions that are often asked about these two. The first question is how many children do they have. Yandy Smith-Harris and Mendeecees Harris have two children. You can look at her Instagram page to get several pictures and videos of her children. They are quite adorable.

Is Mendeecees Harris His Real Name?

With a name like Mendeecees Harris one has to assume this is not his real name. From our research, it does look as if Mendeecees is his birth name.

What Did Mendeecees Do to Get Thrown in Jail?

Mendeecees was incarcerated for cocaine and heroin trafficking between New York City and Rochester. Throughout season 8 and future seasons of Love and Hip Hop on VH1, we will likely hear more about his support of his wife Yandy Smith Harris.

Will Mendeecees Come Back to Love and Hip Hop on VH1?

Obviously, the only way he will be bale to come back to the show is if he gets out of jail. A federal judge has recently ruled out reducing his sentence meaning we will not see him with his wife Yandy Smith Harris on the show Love and Hip Hop any time soon.

Are Mendeecees and Yandy Smith Still Married?

Yes, they are still married but we will see what happens if Mendeecees remains in jail for an extended period of time.

How Much Does Yandy Make Per Episode of Love and Hip Hop?

While many will assume Yandy is making bank by doing the episodes of Love and Hip Hop, they are probably wrong. In fact, the large majority of reality TV stars are making less than $50,000 per episode, if that. Do not assume these reality show personalities will be millionaires at the end of a season. It simply doesn’t happen. If you know the exact amount she is making, please comment below and let us know.

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