What Does the Yellow Dot Beside the Bitmoji Mean on Snapchat?

Over the last few weeks we have noticed more and more users have a yellow dot or two yellow dots beside their Bitmoji head on Snapchat. When looking at users that have added you as a friend or have viewed your story, you might notice they have one yellow dot or two yellow dots next to their Bitmoji. We first noticed this on the different colored heads that have added us as a friend in the past few days.

This yellow dot sometimes appears and sometimes it does not. We are not certain what it means. If you know what the yellow dot besides someone’s head on Snapchat means, please comment below so we can update this article and let everyone know.

7 thoughts on “What Does the Yellow Dot Beside the Bitmoji Mean on Snapchat?

  1. Natalie

    The yellow dot appears when that person was recently added to your “Added Me” & “Quick Add” list on the Add Friends screen. It’s to let you know they’ve been updated on the list. Kind of like an unread notification.

  2. Craig

    My yellow dot disappeared when I edited my story settings to custom and then back to normal again. Hope this helps!

  3. Jori

    I had someone add me, then delete me when I asked who they were and now they added me again and the yellow dot is there but it wasn’t the first time ?

  4. Shmellie

    I thought it meant that the person with the yellow dot was active, as it kept switching from person to person as if each one was closing the app or reopening it, it gives this impression

  5. jessy_ferguson

    I first noticed it when going through the add friends section a minute ago, all of them had added me through my username but only some had a yellow dot and it was very randomly spread. I went online to check what it meant and thought well maybe it means they tried to send a message. When I went back on a couple seconds ago to test this theory, all of the dots were gone. So that theory goes down the drain.


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