Do Young Professionals Use Google to Find a Home and Financing?

These days, more and more young professionals are choosing to purchase a home instead of paying rent. Home ownership gives young professionals greater privacy, the chance to personalize their own space, tax benefits, the opportunity to own a property that can increase in value, and more stable and predictable living costs than renting.

While owning a home offers many advantages, buying a home can be a time-consuming and often times challenging task. Fortunately, young professionals are tech savvy and know how to use Google and the Internet to help streamline the home buying process.

From the moment a young professional decides that home ownership makes sense for his or her particular situation, online research typically begins. They browse real estate listings on popular websites like Zillow, Trulia, and HomeFinder to find homes that they are interested in. Homes that peak their interest are then noted and monitored regularly so that they can understand housing trends in certain areas and identify changes in asking prices.

Next, online resources such as home affordability calculators are used to figure out how much money a young professional can afford to spend on a home. Most young professionals meet with a mortgage banker or broker that they may find through LinkedIn or Angie’s List in order to get prequalified for a mortgage. The mortgage banker reviews financial information including income, savings, and investments and then informs a young professional on the price range of the homes he or she should be searching for.

After the prequalification process, young professionals look for a trustworthy real estate agent that can assist with negotiating skills and the overall home buying process. A young professional may post on his or her Facebook page to ask for recommendations on a reliable real estate agent or search for one on a website like RE/MAX.

Once a real estate agent is found, young professionals usually begin touring homes in their price range. They continue using popular real estate websites and even mobile apps to find homes that peak their interest. When a home is finally decided on and the young professional and seller have reached an agreement on price, a home inspection, mortgage payment plan, and paperwork are completed.

Google is full of tools and resources for young professionals searching for their first home. By taking advantage of the internet and its plethora of information that is available at our fingertips, the home buying process can be significantly simplified. With more and more brokers and lenders seeing this trend mortgage broker SEO has become extremely popular. If you are looking to rank higher on the front page of Google search email us at

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