YouTube Video Thumbnails Show Up in Google Search Results for Websites

For years, we have seen YouTube video thumbnails for YouTube videos, but never for a unique website or URL. Today, when searching for Raleigh, NC Dentist we noticed the following search results:

Notice that the Village Dental Olde Raleigh page has a video thumbnail but the Village Dental homepage does not. What is interesting is the fact that the Olde Raleigh page has three different YouTube videos on the page. The homepage simply has options for the Olde Raleigh location and the North Raleigh location.

This is the first time we have seen a thumbnail show up for an individual or business website. It will be interesting to see if we see more of this in the near future.

Remember the “Google Authorship” fiasco a few years ago? While some would argue that any thumbnail or rich snippet markup helps search results, others argue that is clutters up Google’s search results page.

Do you like the new video thumbnails? Are you trying to get video thumbnails to show up for your business pages? Do you think the video thumbnails will increase your click through rate?

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