My Zepeto Looks Nothing Like Me – Why and Can I Fix It?

The facial recognition software with ZEPETO is good, but not great. Many users are reporting their ZEPETO looks nothing like them. In fact, mine looks nothing like me. My Bitmoji looks much more like me than my ZEPETO. So, why is this the case and is there anything we can do to fix it?

It is the case because the facial recognition software within ZEPETO is only so good. It will improve, but only after time and more people using it. Fortunately, after you get your ZEPETO you can edit it with facial features in which you think look much more like you. Unfortunately, there are still a few features that are unavailable, such as curly hair.

Have you found that your ZEPETO looks nothing like you? Were you able to fix it to look more like you? Are you frustrated that there aren’t the facial features you are looking for?

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